Long Distance Plans and Charges

Long-Distance Plans

  • Ziply Fiber unlimited phone plans allow nearly all your statewide and national long-distance calls for one price. Note: Your paper bill does not include detailed call descriptions, but they can be found on your online bill under Call Detail.
  • Ziply Fiber Block of Time (BOT) plan allows a specific number of minutes per month for one simple price. Additional minutes can be used on a per minute fee.

Long-Distance Charges

If you are charged for long distance calls and Ziply Fiber is your long-distance provider, you may have made calls over another company's network. This charge applies to collect, credit card or third-party bill calls. If you think you've been charged in error, please contact us.

An example of long distance charges on a Ziply Fiber home bill

To see a list of your long distance calls:

If you have unlimited calls in your phone plan, you won't see individual calls displayed automatically on your bill. Check the voice plans below to find out how to view your recent calls.

  • Home Phone Unlimited—Sign into your Ziply Fiber account, and select Home Phone Unlimited on the left. Click Recent Calls for a complete listing of recent calls, local and long distance calls, and incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Digital Phone Unlimited—Find the details of your calls displayed in the Details section, at the end of your monthly invoice.
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