Digital Phone and Landline Service | Ziply Fiber

It's great to have a home phone. 

Here are the Top 5 Reasons you should have a home phone:

  1. 911. It helps emergency services accurately find your address.
  2. Security and peace of mind. Great to have in the home – especially for times a babysitter is over and has a low cell phone battery.
  3. Clear connection. You won’t drop calls or get interference like you can with a cell phone.
  4. Low Maintenance. It doesn’t require upgrades, lasts for years, and works in every part of your home without interruption.
  5. Rural connectivity. A home phone keeps you in contact in places with hard-to-get cell coverage.

Clear, reliable phone connections

Add a phone to your internet plan.

It’s a low-cost service that uses your Internet. 

  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling
  • 20+ advanced calling features (Caller ID, Voicemail, more)
  • Reliable phone calls with your mobile device, computer or desktop phone
Call 1.866.699.4759

Get a stand-alone phone alongside your Internet.

It’s a traditional with updated features. Digital Phone offers:

  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling
  • Reliable, crystal clear quality
  • Call Forwarding, Call Return, and more
  • Service even when the power is out
Call 1.866.699.4759

Phone batteries for when you need a backup

Our Home Phone Unlimited service uses electrical power to operate. A battery backup unit will provide power to your phone to continue making calls when electrical power is not available. To be sure you have the equipment you need for your telephone service we've partnered with International Resources. Shop battery backup units, battery pack extenders and stay connected, even if the power goes out.

Did you know...

When you switch your home phone to one of Ziply Fiber’s phone options, you can keep the phone number you have now.