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Enjoy live streaming TV with Ziply Fiber

Pairing fiber internet with streaming media services is easy.



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Stream all your favorite TV programs

Don’t pay for more than you want. With fiber internet, you can stream with services like Hulu+Live TV, YouTube TV, Root Sports, Disney+ and more. It’s just like cable, but without the expense.


Not sure what streaming services are right for you? Try our streaming media bundle tool.


How streaming works

1. Get Ziply Fiber internet.

2. Find the right service with our streaming bundle tool.

3. Connect your streaming device to the internet.

4. Sign in to your streaming service and enjoy.

Not quite ready for streaming?

Streaming TV is the future, and our fiber-optic network makes it easy and cost-efficient. However, you can still opt for Fiber TV, which offers network TV channels and on-demand movies. This service is available in select areas. Call 1.866.MYZIPLY (866-699-4759) to learn more.

If you have Fiber TV and live in Beaverton, Cornelius, Durham, Forest Grove, Hillsboro, King City, Lake Oswego, Rivergrove, Tigard, Tualatin or Washington County please call 855-404-8315 for questions or support.


Streaming TV FAQ

Streaming involves the real-time transmission of data, such as audio or video content, over the internet. Unlike downloading, streaming allows immediate access to content without delays. Popular streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney+. You can easily stream with devices like the Amazon Fire Stick or the Roku Streaming Stick. Some TVs come equipped as “smart” TVs, like the Roku TV.

Cable is a legacy technology that often comes with less reliability and higher costs. Cable plus internet — plus streaming services you may have on top of cable — can add up. Most shows, movies and sports can be streamed, so if you don’t rely on cable for most of your entertainment you may want to switch entirely to streaming. Services like YouTube TV and Hulu+Live TV can also give you the channel surfing experience without the expense of a cable subscription. Ultimately, it’s up to the subscriber (you) to decide what meets your needs.

Streaming costs as much as each streaming service — usually less than $20/month for on demand streaming services like Netflix. Many streaming services offer free trials, low introductory rates and cost-saving bundles. Because you can cancel a service at any time, you remain in control of your monthly streaming budget.

You can determine which streaming services you need based on which programs, movies or sports you want to watch. For instance, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services, but if you want sports, you may want a live TV streaming option with ROOT SPORTS such as Sling TV or Hulu + Live TV.


Try our handy streaming service finder tool.  

You don’t need ultra-fast speeds to stream. Our 100/100 plan is sufficient for basic needs. With an upload speed of 100 Mbps, you’ll already see faster speeds than most cable plans. But consider that all speeds slow down as soon as they enter the home. Also consider how heavy your internet usage is. If you have many people connecting to the internet on multiple devices at the same time, you may be happy with a faster plan, like Fiber Gig.

Switching to streaming is easy. Just cancel your cable service with your provider, a.k.a., “cut the cord.” You can stream on your laptop, phone or tablet with any type of internet — we recommend our fast fiber internet. To stream on your TV, you’ll need a WiFi-enabled “smart” TV or a streaming device. Then you can choose your streaming services and watch away.

Ziply Fiber’s internet plans are an excellent choice for streaming. With symmetrical upload and download speeds, you’ll enjoy all your favorite shows, movies and sports without infuriating buffering wheels, peak-time slowdowns or lag.

Sports stream on a variety of platforms, including Sling, Peacock, Fubo and Hulu + Live TV. Based on which sport(s) you want to stream, you can choose the corresponding streaming service(s).

We offer Fiber TV, a traditional cable TV service. However, programming costs from channel owners continue to increase for traditional TV services. We believe there’s a better way with streaming TV. With the speed and reliability of fiber internet, you can stream the TV content you want and ditch the channels you don’t need.

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