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Get the fastest fiber-optic internet in America with Ziply Fiber

  • No hidden charges, expiration dates or contracts ever—see the superior alternative to cable.
  • Modernize your home internet with plans tailored to your needs, starting as low as $20/month.


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    Fast fiber speeds to meet all your needs

    No data caps or annual contracts. 30-day moneyback guarantee. Upload speeds 25x faster than cable with Fiber Gig.

    Fiber 100/100

    100 Mbps


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    • Ideal for small households
    • Enjoy seamless streaming and fast downloads
    • Smooth gaming experiences without lag
    • Access all browser websites and more with ease
    • Free installation

    Fiber  300/300

    300 Mbps


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    • High-definition streaming
    • Lightning-fast uploads and downloads
    • No-latency gaming
    • Ideal for remote work and online learning
    • Ensures exceptional connectivity

    Fiber Gig

    Gig Speed


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    • Extremely fast internet for all your devices
    • No-latency gaming
    • Instant downloads
    • Buffer-free streaming
    • No bandwidth cap
    • New standard for internet speed and performance

    2 Gig Fiber

    2 Gig Speed


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    • Experience the future of internet technology
    • Fastest residential speeds available in America
    • Enjoy zero-lag gaming
    • Instantaneous uploads and downloads
    • Unrivaled browsing experience
    • Free installation
    Plan Details

    No data caps or annual contracts. Pricing shown with autopay and paperless billing.

    DSL Internet


    by Ziply Fiber

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    • Email, transfer files, process online payments
    • Everyday low pricing — no 12-month price hikes
    • Variable download speeds
    • Add Digital Phone Unlimited to stay connected

    Fiber-optic internet delivers unparalleled advantages over outdated cable connections



    Gaming with no latency

    Gaming with fiber-optic

    Low latency for seamless gaming and streaming

    Unrestricted internet with no data caps

    Unrestricted internet

    Zero data caps for unlimited usage

    Future proof modern internet

    Modern internet

    Future-proof technology for lasting performance

    Fastest WiFi for your home

    The fastest WiFi

    Enhanced WiFi coverage for your entire home

    Fiber-optic internet vs. cable


    Fiber strands

    Why is fiber-optic internet superior to cable?

    Fiber internet uses ultra-thin strands of glass to transmit data via pulses of light. This is a revolutionary improvement over cable, which uses copper wires and is slower and less reliable.

    Fiber internet offers:

    • Faster speeds
    • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
    • Better reliability

    Copper is an older technology used for TV and phone lines. Fiber internet is built for the future.


    Experience the power of 2 Gig, 5 Gig, 10 Gig and 50 Gig internet

    Ziply Fiber’s multi-gig internet plans are built to bring you the speed and reliability you need today and for the future. Choose from 2 Gig, 5 Gig, 10 Gig or even 50 Gig internet speeds – the fastest home internet plan in America.


    Multi-gig fiber internet is perfect for gamers, content creators, remote workers and anyone who wants that extra boost of power. Our WiFi 6 router supports our 2 Gig, 5 Gig and 10 Gig plans and is available at checkout.
    Learn more about our multi-gig plans
    Person with multiple screens

    Streaming TV with Ziply Fiber

    With fiber internet, you can watch all your favorite shows, movies and sports just like regular TV. Ziply Fiber makes streaming easy and customizable. No confusing bundles and no paying for services you don’t want.


    Pair your fast, Ziply Fiber internet with a streaming service that meets your needs. Need help? Visit our guide to streaming TV to find the right streaming services for your household.

    Person pointing remote at a smart TV streaming classic movie content

    Do more with fiber internet

    We're working hard to close the digital divide with the next-generation fiber network. When you choose Ziply Fiber's fiber-optic internet, you're investing in state-of-the-art technology that guarantees the best streaming quality, work-from-home experience and unparalleled reliability.


    Building connected communities
    Building connected communities across the Northwest


    Fiber-optic connectivity significantly enhances the operations of education, local business and healthcare facilities, bettering the way we connect with each other.



    WiFi with no dead spots for modern living
    WiFi for modern living, powering your connected world


    Say goodbye to dead spots. A Ziply Fiber WiFi router is designed to meet the demands of today's connected homes, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing.



    The clear choice for fiber-optic internet
    Ziply Fiber is the clear choice for fiber-optic internet


    As the leading fiber-optic internet provider in the Pacific Northwest, we prioritize exceptional service. Our commitment to transparency means no hidden charges, expiration dates or contracts — ever.




    The Northwest’s best, fastest network

    As a homegrown company, Ziply Fiber takes pride in living, building and delivering top-notch fiber optic internet services within the Pacific Northwest. With our headquarters in Kirkland and Everett, Washington, we are deeply rooted in the region.




    Customer satisfaction is our priority

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    Revolutionize your workplace

    Transform your business with our fiber-optic solutions:

    Designed to revolutionize your workplace, our offerings guarantee unmatched performance, security and reliability.

    • 24/7 Network Security: rest assured that your business is protected around the clock with our top-notch security measures.
    • IT Solutions: streamline operations with our reliable, high-speed internet and expert IT support.
    • WiFi Equipment: enjoy consistent, high-speed WiFi throughout your business with our state-of-the-art routers and modems.


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    Fiber-Optic Frequently Asked Questions

    Fiber-optic internet, or simply fiber internet, is a cutting-edge technology that transmits data through light pulses within thin glass strands. This results in faster, more reliable, and more efficient internet connectivity compared to traditional cable options.

    Cable internet uses copper wires, initially designed for television services, to transmit data. This legacy technology focuses on download speeds, leaving upload speeds significantly slower due to its one-way connection limitation. Cable connections are often shared, leading to slower speeds during peak usage times. In contrast, Ziply Fiber provides ultra-fast symmetrical speeds and reliable connectivity unaffected by network traffic.

    Fiber internet functions similarly to cable or DSL connections but is faster and more reliable. Data transmission occurs via light pulses through glass strands, ensuring seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming experiences.

    Fiber internet is connected to homes or buildings through utility poles or underground paths. A technician will bring the wires inside and connect them to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). After turning on the fiber connection, you can set up your devices and enjoy high-speed WiFi.

    Ziply Fiber requires an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which replaces the traditional modem. Depending on the size of your home and your needs, you may also need a router and WiFi extender.

    Stay informed about the availability of Ziply Fiber in your area by following updates from local officials and construction crews. Check your address to find out if Ziply Fiber services are available to you and sign up for service updates to ensure you don't miss out on the benefits of fiberoptic internet.