Extend high-quality internet throughout your business with Ziply Fiber Whole Business WiFi

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Ziply Fiber Whole Business WiFi package includes:

  • Customized WiFi signal connection test and professional installation
  • Router optimized for the Ziply Fiber network
  • Up to three WiFi 6 extenders



Add Whole Business WiFi to your internet plan.


High-quality internet for everyone on the team, on any device and in every corner

Work smarter with reliable WiFi that keeps you and your team connected.
zoom meeting

Join video calls or host a webinar from your conference room

Laptop or Tablet

Connect every wireless device in every corner of your business

e-commerce transactions

Run curbside transactions seamlessly and securely

Guest WiFi

Provide customers with reliable guest WiFi service



Why Whole Business WiFi?

Some businesses have WiFi dead zones, places where you just can’t connect. Locations with unusual floor plans, more than two stories, or thick interior walls can interfere with your WiFi connection.

Better WiFi allows everyone to connect better.


Whole business WIFI


We take the guesswork out of business networking

When you add Whole Business WiFi to your Ziply Fiber internet service, a trained Ziply Fiber technician will visit to assess your business’s unique layout and WiFi needs. We’ll determine the best location to install your router, and then we’ll place up up to three WiFi 6 extenders to optimize your connects for a seamless room to room wireless internet experience.

No more dropped signals, dead zones or frustrated team members. Just super-fast Ziply Fiber internet.



We’re bringing next generation wireless technology with WiFi 6

The next generation of WiFi is here at Ziply Fiber. The latest in WiFi technology, WiFi 6 (802.11ax) provides a faster, more reliable internet connection in your business and pairs with innovative networking solutions to ensure your internet is as efficient as possible


Ziply WiFi Equipment


Whole Business WiFi equipment

When you choose Whole Business WiFi, you’ll get a state-of-the-art system, optimized for WiFi 6 (802.11ax), that lets you take full advantage of your fiber internet service.

  • Router optimizes the Ziply Fiber network
  • WiFi extenders 802.11ax-capable with access point steering and band steering for automatic seamless coverage
  • Wireless Gig speed capable for all your Gig devices
  • An auto-configuring, auto-optimizing network
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