Pay by Mail

To pay your Ziply Fiber bill by mail, include your payment stub located at the bottom of page one of your bill. Please send your payment by check or money order to:

Ziply Fiber
P.O. Box 740416
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0416

To pay by registered mail or overnight delivery only, include your payment stub, write your account number on your check or money order, and please send them to:

Ziply Fiber
Fifth Third Bank
Wholesale Lockbox 704416
5050 Kingsley Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Note: For the safety of our customers, please do not send cash payments through the mail.

For details on additional ways to pay your bill, see Pay My Bill.

Here is an example of a Ziply Fiber bill payment stub, highlighting the payment address.

The payment address, found on a Ziply Fiber bill.
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