Other Charges

If you find other charges or an unexpected charge on your bill, please read the helpful explanations below.

  • Expired Promotional Plan—With your Ziply Fiber Promotional Plan, certain costs will not go up during a promotional period. Look for the words Term or Thru followed by the end date of your promotional plan.
  • New service(s)—If you add a new service, there may be initial charges reflected in your first bill, such as, installation or set-up charges.
  • Partial Month Charges—The initial days of service billed in addition to the first full month of service.
  • Long Distance Charges—Your household may have placed more long-distance calls than expected.
  • On Demand and Event Charges—Pay Per View, Video Rental or Video Purchases.
  • Video Purchase—One-time charge for a purchase-to-own item.
  • Video Rental—One-time charge for a borrowed item within a specified period of time.
  • Pay Per View—One-time charge for access to a television program within a specified period of time.
  • Toll Charges—Directory assistance calls, international calls and collect calls. Check the call detail section of your bill for these types of calls. Collect calls display from and to numbers, date, time, and duration as well as the company assessing the charges.
  • Third Party Charges—You may receive third party charges from other phone service carriers (this is common with collect calls) or for internet gaming fees (for example, World of Warcraft). Third party charges display the amount and the name and phone number of the company assessing the charge. Ziply Fiber is passing along this charge. To dispute the charge, call the number listed next to the charge.
  • Collect Call Charges Very High—Collect calls are not billed by your long-distance company, but by other carriers, and most often from a pay telephone. Carriers determine their own rates, and Ziply Fiber is acting as the billing agency for the carrier. To dispute a collect call charge on your bill, contact the carrier at the phone number provided on your bill.
  • Last Payment Not Showing on Bill—Log into My Account with your Ziply ID. Click My Payments, and then Payment History to see if your payment has been received. The most recent payment will be at the top of the list. If you receive a paper bill and do not see your last payment, it may have been received after your latest bill was mailed. To verify that a payment has been received, please contact us.
  • Unpaid balance—An unpaid balance is listed as Balance Forward on page 1 under the Account Summary. Log into My Account with your Ziply ID to find your current balance due.
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