Installation and Setup Hub

Your Ziply Fiber Installation Appointment

What to expect Day before: You'll receive a reminder text one day before the appointment. Day of: On the day of the appointment a technician will call on the way to your place, and again when they arrive. Be sure someone over the age of 18 is on the premises and can communicate [...]

Self Installation Guide

Unpack your self installation equipment Your Ziply Fiber technician has connected fast fiber internet to your home. Now it’s time to finish your setup. In the green nylon Ziply Fiber bag you'll find: 1 WiFi router (if leased from Ziply Fiber) 1 Power Over Ethernet adapter (PoE) [...]

Ziply Fiber Router Setup – Connect to WiFi

If you received a new or upgraded router,  this page offers instructions for setting up your internet services. If you’re a new customer with a scheduled installation, our technician will set up your Ziply Fiber router during the installation appointment. Set up your Fiber Internet [...]

System Recommendations for Fiber Internet

Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge to browse the internet, check that you’re using the most up-to-date version of your browser. To get the most from your fiber internet, your devices should meet the recommended specifications below. For Windows 64-bit Windows 10 Pro  [...]

Connecting to WiFi

You can connect any WiFi-capable device to your Ziply Fiber wireless network. Settings and menu options are different depending on a device’s make, model and operating system. Refer to manufacturers’ instructions for finding a wireless signal and connecting to it from your smartphone, computer, [...]

WiFi Performance Tips

Use these tips to get the most from your wireless network. Understand your equipment Keep devices current and secure Ziply Fiber equipment includes a combined modem and wireless router that connects smart devices like computers, tablets, watches and smartphones to the internet. We support [...]

Switching from NVG578 to non-Ziply router

If you’re switching from the NVG578 to a non-Ziply router, follow the steps below to activate bridge mode on the NVG578.  Why do I need to activate bridge mode?  Ziply Fiber’s NVG578 model combines both router and ONT functionality. If changing to a non-Ziply router, [...]