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Moving made easy

Take your Ziply Fiber internet with you when you move your home or business. 

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    Bring Ziply Fiber with you when you move


    Moving comes with so many changes. Whether you want to transfer your Ziply Fiber service to
    your new place or switch to a fiber internet plan that meets your work, streaming and learning
    needs, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

    Transferring your service is easy

    Person checking new address to see if Ziply Fiber is available
    1) Check new address 

    To see if Ziply Fiber is available.





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    2) Schedule installation 

    Call us to schedule installation at your new address. Have your account number handy.



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    3) Sit back and enjoy 

    On your scheduled date, we’ll turn internet on at your new address and disconnect service at your previous location.

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    The future is fiber


    We’re expanding rapidly, but there’s a chance that fiber’s not available in your area yet. Visit our fiber expansion map and sign up for updates to stay in the know as we begin construction in your area.




    Moving FAQ


    No. Once our customer service representatives determine that you can move your service to your new address, we will initiate a transfer of service. 

    Installing fiber at your new address is free. However, there is an installation fee of $20 for DSL internet plans.  

    This will depend on whether the previous resident was a Ziply Fiber customer, as well as the age of the equipment at the residence. Learn more about Your Ziply Fiber Installation Appointment.

    Hang on to it for now. The Ziply Fiber technician doing the installation at your new address will determine if a new router is needed. If your router is out of date, the technician will provide you with a new router and remove the old one. 

    Your billed amount will remain the same unless you choose a new product or change your service. 

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