Use this page if your internet starts slowing down or dropping connections across multiple devices.
If you’re having trouble with a single device, click here.

Reboot router

If multiple WiFi-connected devices are running slowly or losing signal, try rebooting your router. Simply power it off for about 30 seconds and turn it back on. Give the router a few minutes to fully come back online.

Test internet equipment

Use the Ziply Fiber app, or log in to My Account, to measure the speed and connection quality of your Ziply Fiber router. 

Equipment tests are located on the Home tab under Network Status

Pause high data activity

If you’re noticing connectivity issues intermittently, your signal may be stretched thin or suffering from interference.

Activities like online gaming, uploading media files and streaming high-definition videos can force your router to redistribute bandwidth, reducing signal strength to some devices.

Try this: Pause high-data activity and see if your connectivity improves overall.

If you need to accommodate more devices or high-data activities on a regular basis, consider upgrading your internet plan.

Remove signal interference

Other wireless equipment or large electronics can compete with the signal your router transmits. To avoid this kind of interference, relocate equipment so that the router is not close to Bluetooth devices, microwaves, cordless phones or baby monitors.

Consider router location

WiFi signals need clear passage to travel throughout a home. If answering yes to any of the following questions, consider relocating your router.

  • Is your router under or behind a desk or other large furniture?
  • Is it near a tangle of cords that power other equipment like a TV or computer?
  • Is it behind thick building materials like wood, metal or sheetrock?

Find a spot that’s more open, with the fewest number of walls nearby.

  • One-story homes: Place your router as centrally as possible, clear of large furniture and other equipment cords.
  • Multi-level homes: Place your router on the highest floor possible. WiFi signals travel downward more easily than upward.

If there are areas in your home where the WiFi signal remains weak, consider adding booster technology to extend the reach of your router’s signal.


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