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Bringing the communities of Northwest Montana better internet.

Ziply Fiber believes that the people and businesses in Montana deserve the best internet and connected experiences possible.

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Eureka, Montana Libby, MontanaTroy, Montana

Map depicts only a general outline of where Ziply Fiber service is available, and service availability to subscribers must be confirmed by Ziply Fiber during the ordering process. Maps depict current plans for deployment, are projections subject to change as circumstances warrant, and are not a guarantee of any future network architecture.

Small Business

Get ready for faster internet

Ziply Fiber is building the most advanced fiber network purpose-built for the internet. Get ready for brilliantly fast connections and a refreshingly great customer experience. 

  • A 100% fiber optic network that is reliably fast
  • Investment in the technology to ensure your internet is consistently on 
  • Confidently ready to give you a great customer experience
  • Not just selling you internet, but investing in your community and committed to being honestly local  


If you’re a small business, we’d love to talk to you. Please call us 1.866.699.4759

Our business is keeping yours connected

We have several construction projects underway to build secure, scalable, super-fast fiber to businesses across WA, OR, ID and MT.

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