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Fast fiber internet as low as $20/month

Enjoy speeds up to 50 Gig on America’s fastest internet. No annual contracts. No credit checks. No bundles. No nonsense.

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    Fiber plans — costs & speeds

    Get more done, faster — with reliable fiber internet. Ziply Fiber’s lightning-fast fiber internet plans help you stay online, avoid connection timeouts, and stream the content you love.

    Fiber 100/100

    100 Mbps


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    • Free installation
    • Browse and surf the web for all your basic internet needs

    Fiber 300/300

    300 Mbps


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    • Free installation
    • Get a boost of speed to support high-capacity activities

    Fiber Gig

    Gig Speed


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    • Free first month
    • Free installation
    • Upload speeds 25x faster than cable
    • The best plan for multi-device households

    2 Gig Fiber

    2 Gig Speed


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    • Free first month
    • Free installation
    • No annual contracts and a 30-day moneyback guarantee
    • Next-level speeds with no buffering or peak-time slowdowns
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    CNET recommends Ziply Fiber

    “Fast speeds, reasonable pricing and customer-friendly service terms -- Ziply Fiber has just about all you could ask for from a home internet provider.” - David Anders, CNET


    Level up with the power of multi-gig fiber internet

    As America’s fastest home internet provider with up to 50 gigs, we’re built to bring you the speed and reliability you need today and for the future.

    Gamer levels up with fast fiber internet.

    Here's how to get fiber internet

    Ziply Fiber is expanding in the Northwest. Choose your city below to see fiber coverage in your area.
    Signing up is easy and you can do it online.

    • Washington
    • Oregon
    • Idaho
    • Montana
    Don’t see your city?

    Zipy Fiber provides fiber speeds in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Don’t see your area on list? Check your address to be notified when fiber internet becomes available.

    Fiber FAQ

    WiFi is the wireless technology used to connect computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to the internet wirelessly. With a wireless fiber internet connection, you’ll be able to stream content, surf the web, download content, and upload files faster than you can with Cable or DSL internet. 

    When you have fiber internet installed in your home or business, you can still connect to it wirelessly through a rented Ziply Fiber router or you can bring your own device. The difference will be the lightning-fast speeds that fiber provides. 

    In short, fiber internet is fast — very fast. At Ziply Fiber, our fiber internet plans start at 50 Mbps download and upload speeds. Many customers also opt for our 2 gig & 5 gig plans, which offer symmetrical upload and download speeds.

    Any speed over 1 Gig is likely significantly faster than what your cable or DSL internet provider can offer. Check out this comparison table, which shows how fiber internet makes a significant difference when browsing the web, streaming TV, and more.

    You may have asked yourself, why is fiber internet so cheap? Compared to older communication infrastructure, like cable internet, fiber costs less to maintain once it’s in place. That, combined with an increasingly competitive fiber internet marketplace has helped lower prices for consumers.

    In many markets today, fiber internet offers similar or lower prices than cable or DSL internet. Check today to see if fiber internet is in your area.

    Absolutely. Fiber internet is the fastest internet service available to consumers and businesses today. In addition to fast download and upload speeds, fiber internet offers lower latency, less downtime, more resistance to electromagnetic interference, and a future-proof, long-term solution for society’s increasing reliance on the web.

    When we say “future-proof,” here’s what we mean: compared to cable internet, which relies on physical copper wire upgrades to meet internet demands, fiber can easily handle today's demand—not to mention the increasing demands of the future.


    The equipment you’ll use for fiber internet is very similar to what you likely already use for internet in your home. Ziply Fiber offers Ziply Fiber routers and Whole Home WiFi, which include WiFi extenders to ensure you enjoy fiber WiFi coverage throughout your home.

    You'll also need a router that can handle fiber internet speeds. In some cases, the router you use today will be just fine. However, if you currently use an older router, you may need a new one. Ziply Fiber has routers available for lease.

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