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Announcing 50 Gig America’s fastest home internet

Available today, across our Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana fiber service area.


Experience our groundbreaking multi-gig internet for users who need extremely fast, always reliable connection.

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    Get connected to America’s fastest home internet


    No data caps or annual contracts. 30-day moneyback guarantee.

    2 Gig Fiber

    2 Gig Speed

    Perfect for the connected family


    • Free first month
    • Free installation
    • Equally fast uploads and downloads--no buffering or peak-time slowdowns
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    5 Gig Fiber

    5 Gig Speed

    Next-level speeds for the serious gamer and creator



    • Free first month
    • Free installation
    • Create content, game, chat and stream at some of the fastest speeds in the industry
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    10 Gig Fiber

    10 Gig Speed

    Revolutionary speeds for the tech enthusiast



    • Includes both Static IPv6 and IPv4 addresses
    • Standard monthly pricing
    • Equally fast uploads and downloads
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    50 Gig Fiber

    50 Gig Speed

    America’s fastest home internet



    • Includes both Static IPv6 and IPv4 addresses
    • Standard monthly pricing
    • Equally fast uploads and downloads
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    Fiber Gig: The next best thing

    Don't need the power of multi-gig? Our Fiber Gig plan offers fast gig-speed internet— it's our most popular plan.



    Level up work and play with multi-gig fiber-optic internet

    Multi-gig fiber-optic broadband internet is undeniably the most future-proof solution, delivering unmatched speed and consistency.



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    No more buffering and frozen screens. Remote work has never been more hassle-free.

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    Low-latency and high-speed connectivity for lag-free gameplay and effortless streaming.

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    Ultra-fast uninterrupted performance across an unlimited number of devices.

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    Nearly instantaneous file sharing and video upload speeds for content creators.

    Fiber strands

    Bringing the fastest internet in America to the Northwest


    Multi-gig internet is the epitome of fiber-optic internet experiences, empowering households with multiple devices, virtually eliminating lag and providing upload speeds that are unrivaled.


    It's the ultimate solution for gaming, high-definition streaming, work-from-home setups and modern households craving speed and reliability.


    What you need for multi-gig speed

    Our routers support up to 6GHz wireless, and up to 10 Gig wired, to match your fiber speed plan. Lease a router optimized for our network and receive the latest WiFi 6E technology. Just add it to your cart at checkout.


    Joining the 50 Gig revolution? You’ll need a special router built for these whiplash speeds. We recommend the Mikrotik router (model CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ).


    Ziply Fiber will deliver multi-gig speeds to the optical network terminal (ONT) or QSFP28 at your location. Service speed is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors, including the use of WiFi, WiFi equipment, the age and capabilities of connected devices, and speed test server capabilities.

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    FAQs about America’s fastest home internet

    No, none of our Ziply Fiber internet plans have annual contracts. We don’t believe in locking people into long-term commitments.

    For our 2, 5 and 10-gig plans, you’ll need a multi-gig router that’s equipped to handle ultra-fast fiber speeds up to 10 Gig and is optimized for the Ziply Fiber network. That router is available to you when you check out, or you can bring your own.


    Our 50 Gig fiber internet plan requires a more robust router that you will need to provide. We recommend the Mikrotik CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ. If you use a different router than the recommended Mikrotik, make sure it includes a QSFP28 port.

    Yes, but it must be compatible with multi-gig speeds. We recommend the Zyxel EX710-BO for 2 Gig or 5 Gig, the TP-Link Archer (AXE300) for 10 Gig and the Mikrotik CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ for 50 Gig. All are available for purchase at major retailers.

    Our 2, 5, 10 and 50 Gig fiber internet plans use the same installation process and technicians as our other internet plans and take the same amount of time to install.

    Unfortunately, our phone service is not compatible with our multi-gig fiber internet plans at this time. If you would still like phone service, we recommend our Fiber Gig plan for super-fast, reliable fiber internet for all your needs.