Professional gamer enjoys seamless connectivity with Ziply Fiber multi-gig internet.

Gaming is better with gig-speed internet

Get multi-gig fiber internet for the best console, MPORG and WiFi gaming experience.

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    Focus on the game, not your internet connection

    With fiber internet, you’ll get symmetrical upload and download speeds plus ultra-low latency and ping.

    Person with headphones gaming on their PC while using Ziply Fiber’s multi-gig internet

    Everything’s better on our 100% fiber-optic network.

    No matter what device or system you use, or time of day or where you are, fiber-optic internet makes your connection faster and more reliable.



    Gaming at the speed of light

    With fiber internet connectivity through Ziply Fiber, you’ll get:

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    Fiber Gig

    Basic Gig speed for multi-device households



    • Free first month
    • Free installation
    • Upload speeds 25x faster than cable
    • The best plan for multi-device households
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    2 Gig Fiber

    Ideal for the connected family




    • Free first month
    • Free installation
    • No annual contracts and a 30-day moneyback guarantee
    • Next-level speeds with no buffering or peak-time slowdowns
    Plan Details

    5 Gig Fiber

    Next-level speeds for the serious gamer



    • Free first month
    • Free installation
    • Create content, game, chat and stream at some of the fastest speeds in the industry
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    Want even more speed?


    We offer speeds up to 10 Gig for the serious gamer, content creator, and tech-lover. Learn more about our revolutionary 10 Gig speed plan HERE.

    Gamer levels up with fast fiber internet.


    Visit our blog to learn more about online, MPORG and console gaming system speed requirements.

    The best kind of internet for gaming is fiber for its fast speeds, low latency and zero network congestion. Your next best bet is cable. DSL is the slowest form of internet.

    Better speeds generally result in better performance, but the most important features for gaming are your connection type and latency.

    Yes. Fiber transmits data as pulses of light, whereas cable transmissions rely on vintage copper networks. Fiber networks also have less latency, less network congestion even at peak times of the day and equally fast upload and download speeds.

    Latency, also known as lag, is when data is delayed. It’s calculated by ping, or the amount of time it takes for data on your device to reach the network. You can gauge your latency by running a speed test, which will tell you your ping speed. A ping in the low single digits is ideal for gaming.

    WiFi gaming can use a large amount of bandwidth, which can slow down your game as well as the other devices on your network. Likewise, other devices on your network can slow down the game, which will result in lag. To improve this experience, use a WiFi gaming router or connect your device directly to an ethernet cable.

    A good router on the newer side will definitely perform better than an older router. If you rent your router, you can inquire about an upgrade, or you can buy your own, like the Ziply Fiber WiFi 6.

    Because Ziply Fiber uses fiber rather than cable or DSL, it will inherently be better for gaming because of its low latency. Fiber also comes with the benefit of equally fast upload and download speeds and zero network congestion (unlike cable or DSL). Fiber is a future-proof technology, too, so you can count on it working well into the future even as gaming becomes more sophisticated. Ziply Fiber offers a range of speed plans from 50 Mbps to 10 Gig.

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