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Ziply Fiber delivers super-fast internet to your home

The Ziply Fiber network diagram

Say goodbye to lag and buffering and hello to reliably fast speeds.

Watch John van Oppen, VP of Network, explain how our network is different.

Fiber is better



Unlimited bandwidth to support new technologies

More reliable

Constructed with a redundant core


Multiple fiber routes between cities


Consumes less power

Illustration representing Ziply's consistently fast fiber network

Greater capacity eliminates slowdowns

Unlike traditional cable which can slow down at peak times, our fiber network stays consistently fast, 24/7 because Ziply’s core fiber network is constructed and operated with extra capacity.

We operate our core network at about 40% capacity, leaving room for your entire neighborhood to stream, game and chat simultaneously.


What our customers are saying

“With my old provider, it’s like I had a glass of water that everyone in the neighborhood was drinking from, but with Ziply Fiber, I have my own glass – we’re not all sharing the bandwidth so it’s always fast for me.”

James W, Camas, WA



Internet speeds are not created equal

Internet speeds are measured in megabits (Mbps) or gigabits (Gbps) per second. The Internet is a two-way street and it’s important to compare both download and upload speeds to decide which service is best. While traditional cable providers typically quote fast download speeds, their upload speeds are usually much slower. Fast upload speeds ensure you don’t experience buffering during video calls or while gaming.

Internet speeds are not created equal

Only fiber delivers equally fast uploads and downloads

Fiber is as fast up as it is down, making it the best option for many internet users, like gamers, streamers, and those working from home or taking classes online. Unlike cable providers, we are not repurposing old television technology to provide internet service, so there’s no need for us to impose data caps or throttling that slow you down.

Experience less lag and packet loss


Streaming movies never stutter, stop or pixelate


Upload and download files with ease


Participate in class and never have a video cut out

Get the best connectivity and performance inside your home

The way your devices are connected is as important as the service you connect to.

Illustration representing Ziply's connectivity and performance inside the home

Fiber installation process

There are two steps to delivering fiber to your home:

  1. Fiber is brought to your property line.
  2. Fiber is connected to your home.

In many cases, your installation can be completed in a single visit. However, if fiber is brand new to your property, a second visit may be required resulting in your installation taking more time.
We understand that this can be an inconvenience, but we promise, you'll love your fast fiber internet speeds.

Ziply Fiber construction trucks

Construction Feedback

Construction is messy work, and we always try to leave the area as good or better than it was when we started. Occasionally, we’ll need to return to make repairs or do additional clean-up. See an issue that needs our attention?

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More fiber is on the way

We have several construction projects underway to build super-fast fiber internet to homes and businesses across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

More fiber is on the way

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