Tired of waiting for fiber internet?

Fast, reliable, gig speed internet may be closer than you think.

Neighborly Partnerships



We’re working hard to bring Ziply Fiber to cities and towns across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. It’s a big area, though, and we may not be in your neighborhood yet. We want to serve everyone, but there are also some areas that may not be viable without neighborhood partnerships. That’s what our Neighborly Partnerships program is all about.



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What’s Ziply Fiber Neighborly Partnerships?


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If we’re installing Ziply Fiber near, but not in your neighborhood, there may be a way you can bring the Northwest’s best internet to your door a little faster. Just let us know you’re interested, and we’ll assess the costs of bringing our super-fast fiber internet to you. You can then coordinate with your neighbors to pay a portion of the costs to get fiber faster.

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Why bring gig speed fiber to your neighborhood?

Let your neighbors know all about the benefits of a fiber network.

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Helps increase property and home values

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Fast internet speeds, no matter how many households are online

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Equally fast download and upload speeds

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Super-fast internet with no data caps or contracts

How the program works

If you think your neighbors want fiber faster, here’s how to move forward.



1. Determine neighborhood interest.
When more people come together, you can split the cost. Use our Neighborly Partnerships one-pager (pdf) to help explain the program.


2. Let us know you’re interested.
Complete our interest form to request a proposal.


3. We’ll assess feasibility.
Our technical experts will determine the most cost-effective way to deliver service to your neighborhood and, if necessary, do an inspection and field survey.


4. We’ll deliver a proposal.
We’ll get back to you by email with a proposal that includes everything you need to know about bringing fiber internet to your neighborhood, including costs and an approximate project timeline. We’ll also present options for 0% interest financing with 24 months to repay.


5. Sign build agreements.
Once you let us know you’re ready to move forward, we’ll present detailed, individualized build agreements for you and your neighbors to sign.


6. We’ll schedule the work.
Once the work is scheduled, we’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the installation date.

What’s involved in bringing fiber to your neighborhood?

While the size and location of your neighborhood and local weather conditions are just three of many factors that impact the amount of time it takes to install fiber, we’ll do everything we can to minimize disruptions, and we’ll work hard to complete installation as quickly as possible.

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Download the flyer and start discussing with your neighbors.



Interested in Neighborly Partnerships?

Complete the below form, and a Ziply expert will follow up with an email.

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