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Connect your community to fiber internet

Reliable, gig-speed internet may be closer than you think.

Introducing the Neighborly Partnerships program

Since starting Ziply Fiber in 2020, we’ve expanded fiber internet access to hundreds of Northwest communities. We’re moving fast, but there are some areas just outside our network that we can’t get to. Through the Neighborly Partnerships program, community members can work with us and pay a portion of the cost to light up their neighborhoods with fast, reliable fiber internet—sometimes with the help of public funding.



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Other fiber expansion programs


Make tenants happy by offering America's fastest home internet in your local multi-family and multi-dwelling units (MDUs).


Bring gig-speed fiber internet to your new development when construction is underway.


We partner with local governments and public organizations to install fiber internet as quickly as possible.

Bring fiber internet home


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You may not need to wait for fast fiber internet to come to you. Ziply Fiber’s Neighborly Partnerships allows you to go out and get it. If we’re installing fiber internet in your area, but not in your neighborhood, reach out to us and let us know you’re interested in bringing fiber to your community. If it’s plausible to build there, we'll prepare a proposal and work with you on a cost-sharing model to install fiber faster.

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Why bring gig-speed fiber to your neighborhood?

The benefits of fiber include:

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Increased property and home values.

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Fast speeds with no peak slowdowns.

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Equally fast upload and download speeds.

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More reliable connection with less lag.

How Ziply Fiber Neighborly Partnerships works

Start the process of bringing fiber to your community.



1. Determine neighborhood interest.
The more people who come together, the lower the cost per individual. Download our Neighborly Partnerships one-page explainer to share with your neighbors.


2. Let us know you’re interested.
Complete the form below to request a proposal.


3. We’ll assess feasibility.
If your neighborhood is close to our fiber network, our technical experts will determine the most cost-effective way to deliver service. (Note : not all communities will be eligible for fiber.)


4. We’ll deliver a proposal.
We’ll get back to you with costs and an approximate project timeline.


5. Sign build agreements.
Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll present the necessary legal forms for you and your neighbors to sign.


6. We’ll schedule the work.
Once work is scheduled, we’ll keep you posted as we get closer to activating your service.

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What goes into bringing fiber to your neighborhood?


Before starting construction, survey crews will come out to your neighborhood to do inspections and field surveys. From there, we’ll get to work either hanging fiber lines from utility poles or burying them underground. Once that’s done, we’ll clean up any mess we made and get to work connecting the new fiber lines to homes and businesses. You’ll be enjoying America's fastest home internet in no time.

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Image of one-pager flyer of the Neighborly Partnerships program

Download our Neighborly Partnerships flyer

Everything you need to know about partnering with Ziply Fiber for fast, reliable fiber internet is here in a handy PDF to share with your neighbors.



Interested in Neighborly Partnerships?

Complete the form below, and a Ziply Fiber expert will follow up over email.

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