Unusual or Unexpected Charges

If you find an unexpected charge on your bill, or if you don't see something you're expecting to see, please read the helpful explanations below.

Charges for Unused Feature—Are you being charged for Three-Way Calling when you don't use it? You may be activating it by mistake. If you are using a cordless phone and immediately dial another number after hanging up, the switch may not have had time to register that you ended your first call and therefore interpreted your action as Three-Way Calling. Be sure to wait a few moments after hanging up before making another call.
Collect Call Charges Very High—Collect calls are not billed by your long distance company, but by other carriers, and most often from a pay telephone. Carriers determine their own rates, and Ziply Fiber is acting as the billing agency for the carrier. To dispute a collect call charge on your bill, contact the carrier at the phone number provided on your bill.
Last Payment Not Showing on Bill—Log in to the  Enterprise Portal and click My Payments, then Payment History to see if your payment has been received. The most recent payment will be at the top of the list. If you receive a paper bill and do not see your last payment, it may have been received after your latest bill was mailed. To verify that a payment has been received, give us a call!
Total Amount Due Higher than Usual—Your bill may be higher than usual for any of the following reasons:
Unpaid balance. Look in the Account Summary section on the top of your bill. An unpaid balance is listed under Balance Forward.
Late Payment Fee. Your bill may have been mailed before your latest payment was received, or you may have missed a payment. If a payment is not received by the billing due date, you will be charged a late fee. The Late Payment Fee is located under the Other Service Charges and Credits section of your bill. You will also see a list of all other service charges and credits (if applicable), including monthly service charges, taxes and other charges, and the total amount of these charges. Call Customer Service if you need to verify how much you owe.

This image shows the section of your bill where you can see if your latest payment has been received:

Ziply Fiber business bill, highlighting payment received
New service(s). There may be initial charges reflected in your first few bills, such as:
  • Charges for local and optional services are billed one month in advance, so you pay the first two months at once.
  • Installation or set-up charges.
  • Partial Month charges, noted under the Other Service Charges and Credits section of your bill, are usually associated with new services and reflect a number of initial days of service that will bring you to your normal billing cycle.
Long Distance charges. Your business may have placed more long distance calls than expected.
Pay-per-use and toll charges. These charges include directory assistance calls, international calls, and collect calls. Check the call detail section of your bill for these types of calls. Collect calls display from and to numbers, date, time, and duration as well as the company assessing the charges.
Third Party charges. You may receive third party charges from other phone service carriers (this is common with collect calls), or for Internet gaming fees (e.g., World of Warcraft), etc. Third party charges display the amount and the name and phone number of the company assessing the charge. Ziply Fiber is passing along this charge. To dispute the charge, please call the number listed next to the charge.
Expired price protection plan. Ziply Fiber Price Protection Plans ensure that certain costs remain unchanged for a specified period of time. For a new price protection plan, give us a call!
Early termination fee. Customers are charged a fee when a service is cancelled before the end date of a Price Protection/Term Agreement (usually part of a special promotion or offer). If you are getting close to the end of your promotional rate, give us a call and ask what options are available to you.
Still need help? Call 1.866.947.5988

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