Billing Date vs. New Charges Due Date

Your Billing Date—seen on page one of your bill in the upper right section or by logging in to the  Enterprise Portal—is the last day of your billing cycle (usually 30 days long). At the end of the cycle you are billed for a full 30 days. Your Billing Cycle and Billing Date are not flexible and are determined by factors such as geographic location.

Billing Dates and cycles are especially important when you begin service. Say your new service starts on July 30 but your Billing Date is the 15th of the month. On your first bill you will be charged for the days you received your service before the first full Billing Cycle (July 30–August 15).

Your Date Due, shown next to your Billing Date, is the date by which you must pay your bill. If you won't be able to pay by the due date, please call our Collections team at 1.888.488.0032.

Here is the Account Summary section of a Small Business bill highlighting the Billing Date and the New Charges Due Date.

Ziply Fiber business account summary, highlighted

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