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We’re investing $500 million to bring the best, fastest internet to our neighbors across the region.

Don’t see your city listed for construction?

Fiber may already be available at your location. Check your address below.

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Maps depict current plans for deployment, are projections subject to change as circumstances warrant, and are not a guarantee of any future network architecture.


How we bring fiber to you

Learn about our fiber construction process when we're in your area


For Developers

Connect your building and give your residents the fast and reliable internet they want.

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Closing the digital divide

We’re partnering with public organizations across the Northwest to bring high-speed fiber internet to new areas as quickly as possible.


Fiber installation process

There are two steps to delivering fiber to your home:

  1. Fiber is brought to your property line.
  2. Fiber is connected to your home.

In many cases, your installation can be completed in a single visit. However, if fiber is brand new to your property, a second visit may be required resulting in your installation taking more time.

We understand that this can be an inconvenience, but we promise, you'll love your fast fiber internet speeds.


Fiber Construction Feedback
If you have feedback or concerns about fiber construction on your property, email us at [email protected].



How we're different

Reliably Fast

You’ll always see high speeds, even during peak hours. We run our network differently—with plenty of capacity to spare.

Consistently On

Our network is built with redundancy and capacity so that you won’t experience interruptions in service—days, nights, or weekends.

Confidently Ready

We are the only provider who is creating a network that’s purpose-built and optimized for your internet needs.

Honestly Local

We use our services at home, just like you do, and we care about bringing everybody the best service possible.

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What our customers are saying

“I highly recommend Ziply Fiber for anyone who is fed up with hidden charges, slow speeds and poor support.”


Ross D, Bothell, WA