As a Ziply Fiber business customer, you have the option of choosing between two types of account management portals: (1) the Business Portal and (2) the Ziply Fiber Enterprise Portal. Your choice can be as simple as this:

  • If you need multiple, separately billed Billing Account Numbers rolling up to one Summary Master Account or Parent account, choose the Enterprise Portal.
  • If you need to run reports on usage, inventory products and services, choose the Enterprise Portal.
  • If you need multiple user logins within your company, choose the Enterprise Portal.
  • Otherwise, you may choose the Business Portal.

For more information, please see Pay My Bill.

How do I use the Enterprise Portal? To access the Enterprise Portal (FEP), your Ziply Fiber representative must initiate the registration process. You may contact your representative or call 1.866.947.5988.

We will set up your account internally and give you administrative access to the portal so you can see all that is available. Then you can set up multiple users as needed for your business. Note that data from your invoices will only appear after a bill cycle has run for your accounts. If you have an existing Enterprise account, contact your account team to request additional accounts be added.

All of the features, benefits, functionality, and user guides for the Enterprise Portal are detailed in a Help Center article.
How do I use the Business Portal? The Business Portal requires that you have a Ziply ID and is accessible from any page on
  • Go to and select Sign In at the top, right side of the page.
  • Sign in with your Ziply ID or click to create a Ziply ID if you don't have one.
How do I pay my bill? You can pay your monthly bill in a number of ways, each detailed in the Pay My Bill article. Your options include following the remittance instructions included with each invoice, contacting customer service to pay by phone, and using the online payment tool.

If you use the Enterprise Portal, read about the Bill Presentation Tool.
How do I read my bill? A detailed bill diagram and a video are available in the Read My Bill article.
How can I receive my bill by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)? To have your invoice transmitted by EDI, you must have a program that can read the encrypted data. Once setup is complete, your invoice will be encrypted and transmitted automatically each month after the bill cycle runs. You will access a pre-assigned mailbox where you can retrieve your files in .edi format. One login is provided per mailbox.

To request EDI invoice transmission, call 1.866.947.5988.
What other changes should I expect? Your existing account numbers will be changed. Your new 10-digit account number will be displayed at the top of your invoice.

As part of the billing system upgrade, Ziply Fiber will ensure that your circuit IDs meet industry standards. The circuit ID currently listed on your invoice will be cross referenced on your new account.
Summary Invoice and Billing Summary billing provides consolidated billing for business customers subscribing to a minimum of two accounts. Customer receives summary bill and detailed bill for each account.
Customer Bill Options Customers bill options include receiving remittance invoice for:
  • Master Summary Account previously labeled as Parent/Child
  • Individual Billing telephone numbers previously labeled as Standalone
How will my business accounts be established?
  • If your accounts are currently established as a Parent/Child hierarchy they will automatically continue to be grouped together as a Master Summary Account.
  • If your account(s) is currently established as a Standalone, it will automatically be setup as an individual Billing Telephone Number.
Payment Allocation
  • Master Summary Accounts—payments are made to the Master Summary Account only.
  • Individual Billing Telephone Number Accounts—payments are made directly to the individual account(s).
Will banking deposit information change if I am currently enrolled in ACH/Wire payments? No, bank deposit information remains the same. However, we ask that you provide your new account number(s) on your remittance information.
Still need help? Call 1.866.947.5988

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