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Find your Service Provider Information Number (SPIN)

See if you, your school, library, or organization qualifies for discounted phone and internet service.

Below is the current list of Service Provider Information Numbers (SPINs) specific to your area. These numbers are associated with the following qualifying telecommunications service types:

  • Mileage Related Charges
  • T3 or DS3
  • T1
  • ISDN
  • Frame Relay
  • ATM
  • Off Premise Extension
  • Satellite Service
  • Centrex
  • Dedicated Private Line
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Network Configuration Service
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • Internet
  • Some Onetime (Installation) Charges
  • SPIN # State Company Name
    143002528 Idaho Ziply Fiber of Idaho
    143001110 Long distance Ziply Fiber
    143004238 Long distance Ziply Fiber
    143034514 Misc. Ziply Fiber & Long Distance, Inc.
    143002547 Montana Ziply Fiber of Montana
    143002642 Oregon Ziply Fiber of Oregon
    143004786 Washington, Idaho, Oregon & Montana Ziply Fiber

    If you need assistance determining which SPIN applies to your service, please contact your Ziply Fiber sales representative.