Washington Discount Program

Washington Telephone Assistance Programs

There are no additional state discounts in Washington.

Eligibility & Application

Please note customers who subscribe to Seasonal, Stay Connected, or Vacation Service are not eligible for the Federal Lifeline discount. Existing Lifeline customers must remove Federal Lifeline in to enroll in Seasonal, Stay Connected or Vacation Service, and reapply for Federal Lifeline upon restoring service.

To receive the Federal Lifeline discount each month, you must certify that you or someone in your household is eligible. The Federal Communications Commission uses the Universal Service Administration Company to administer the application and recertification process for the Federal Lifeline program. Information can be found at https://www.lifelinesupport.org/get-started/. You must verify your continued eligibility annually (or as requested). If there is someone else at the address who is receiving a Federal Lifeline discount and you wish to be considered a separate economic unit, the Federal Lifeline Application and proof of eligibility must be submitted along with the Federal Lifeline Household Worksheet (también disponible en español).

For further information, please contact Customer Service. A Ziply Fiber representative will be happy to answer your questions and assure you receive the appropriate application.

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