Ziply Device Safety

Ziply Device Safety

We at Ziply Fiber are dedicated to elevating the connected lives of our customers with the fastest fiber internet in the Northwest. But we know that the digital world is full of danger, from viruses and phishing scams to malware and cybercriminals. That’s why we offer Ziply Device Safety, an [...]

Configure Parental Controls

Find out how to set up parental controls on a Windows computer, iOS device or Android device. You can change Browsing Protection settings and Time Limits right in the Ziply Device Safety app. Change the settings by choosing a user's profile and clicking Settings. Each account can have its own [...]

Install or Update Ziply Device Safety

When you order Ziply Device Safety, we will send you a welcome email with your login information. Ziply Device Safety works on your PC, Mac, iOS device and Android device. Check the Requirements for Use before you begin. Read the installation instructions. Ziply Device Safety updates [...]

Manage Your Ziply Device Safety Account

If you ever need to access or change your account information, here's how to log into the Ziply Device Safety portal. On the main screen select Account Details to see: Your subscription status The information you entered upon registration Your number of used licenses and free [...]

Ziply Password Manager

Ziply Password Manager is a Password Management app. It securely stores all your login and personal information with one master password. That's every password, username, PIN, and credit card detail. Whenever you update a username or password, it's synced instantly to all your devices running Ziply [...]