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The home screen of the Content Anywhere mobile app on your Apple device shows you how many contacts, shares, photos/videos, songs, and documents you've backed up in the last day, 7 days and 30 days. Access any file in Content Anywhere from the app. Browse by Photos/Videos, Documents or Music or by folder in the All Files view. Content Anywhere is no longer available to new customers.

Below are instructions for performing basic tasks.

Task How To
Back up files Tap Navigation Menu (three lines in upper left corner of app) and select Home. Tap Action Menu (three dots in upper right corner) to back up the latest content on your phone.
Upload files Tap Navigation Menu and select Home. Tap Action Menu and select Upload. Select type of file and which document(s) or folder(s) to upload. Then select Upload at bottom of screen.
Download files Navigate to and select file to download. Tap Action Menu and select Download. To select multiple files, such as photos in a photo album, navigate to album, select Action Menu and choose Select. Choose files to download. Tap Action Menu again and select Download.
Search for files Tap Navigation Menu and select All Files. Tap Search Bar and start typing what you're searching for.
Delete files Select file to delete. Tap Action Menu and choose Delete.
Retrieve files from trash You must use the Web Client.
Share files Go to files to share and tap Action Menu > Select. Choose files and tap Action Menu > Share. Tap to add recipients. Then Add a Message (optional). To add more files, tap next to "Add Additional Files," select files to add and tap Done.
Note: To share by a method other than email, tap Other Methods for Sharing at bottom of screen and select method.
Unshare files Tap Navigation Menu and select Share. Tap down arrow next to the share you want to revoke. Select Remove Share.
See what's been shared Tap Navigation Menu and select Shares. Then tap either Shared by Others or Shared by Me.
View files Tap Navigation Menu and select Documents. Choose file to view.
Restore files Tap Navigation Menu and select Tools > Content Restore. Select device to restore files from and tap Next. Choose what to restore and network connection to use, then select Restore.
Create photo album Tap Navigation Menu and select Photos. Tap Action Menu, choose Select and pick photo/video(s) to add. Tap Action Menu and select Add To Album. Choose album to add to by tapping Add. To create a New Album, name the album and tap Save.
Note: Smart Albums are automatically created when photos are taken in close proximity of each other in a specific time period, such as when taking photos at a concert. Once the Smart Album has been created, you can add or remove content and share the album.
Make favorites Go to content and tap Action Menu > Select to choose the file(s). Tap Action Menu > Favorite.
Create music playlists On Navigation Menu select Music. Tap Action Menu > Select and choose songs to add. Tap Action Menu > Add to Playlist. Select playlist to add song to, then select checkmark. Or to create new playlist, select , name playlist, and tap Save. Try this out: You can play music and navigate to a different screen of Content Anywhere, and your music will continue to play.
Change settings
  • Select Settings > What to Backup. Turn on Auto Backup to ensure content is always safe in Content Anywhere.
  • Select Settings > How to Backup. Choose either WiFi Only or WiFi Cellular to limit how your backups are performed.
  • Select Settings > When to Backup. Enable Reminder for Daily or Weekly. Choose time to receive reminder.


  • Videos are located within Photos section of mobile app. Tap Navigation Menu and select Photos.
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