Desktop Client

The Content Anywhere Desktop Client lets you backup, restore, synchronize and share content on your computer within Content Anywhere and across other connected devices. Below are instructions for performing basic tasks. Content Anywhere is no longer available to new customers.

Task How To
Access files Click the Summary tab of the Content Anywhere Dashboard. The Dashboard provides key information about your content, including what has been backed up and when. It lets you choose which folders to sync, manage your desktop backup folders, upload music from your iTunes music collection, and configure Desktop Client settings.

To see your Sync files, click Open Content Anywhere Sync folder.

To see your files in your browser, click Content Anywhere website.
Add files to backup Move files into the Content Anywhere folder using File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

To have Content Anywhere backup a directory automatically, go to the Backup tab of the Content Anywhere Dashboard and select Add Folder. Select the desired directory to backup, and press OK / Open.

Note: The content in the Backup folder is the content that you chose to backup. This content will remain even if you delete it from your computer.
Sync files Use the Sync folder to choose which folders on each of your devices you would like to access across all of your devices.

Note: Selected folders will sync across all your devices. Unselected folders will not sync across your devices, but will remain in your Content Anywhere application on your desktop.
Stop syncing files Go to the Sync tab in the Content Anywhere Dashboard. Prevent a folder from synchronizing by unchecking the folder. The folder will remain on the Content Anywhere server, but syncing will stop.
Delete files Delete or move the files out of the Content Anywhere folder. All files deleted from this folder are deleted from the Content Anywhere server.

Note: Deleted files can be restored from the Trash by going to My Activity in the Content Anywhere Web Client.
Change location of Content Anywhere folder Go to the Settings section of the Dashboard and select Location and Change.
Manage and organize files Go to the Summary tab and select Open Content Anywhere website. Log in using your Content Anywhere credentials and you'll have access to your files and folders. Change the viewable items and sorting by clicking the My Activity dropdown.
Share files—PC
  1. Click the Summary tab on the Content Anywhere Dashboard.
  2. Select Open Content Anywhere.
  3. Right-click the file you want to share, select Content Anywhere, then select Get Public Link.
  4. Copy this link and share it via email, social media, etc.
Share files—Mac
  1. Click the Summary tab on the Content Anywhere Dashboard .
  2. Select Open Content Anywhere folder.
  3. Right-click the file you want to share then select Content Anywhere Share Link.
  4. This link is automatically copied to your clipboard for you to paste and share via email, social media, etc.

About Your Photos and Music:

  • When you organize your photos into Smart Folders on your computer, they are automatically converted into photo albums when the folder is backed up to Content Anywhere. Now you can go to the Photos view in the Content Anywhere Web Client and mobile apps for a richer photo browsing experience.
  • Once you create a Smart Folder you can add and remove content within the photo album. Smart Folders can be disabled in the Settings screen of the Content Anywhere Dashboard.
  • To move your iTunes music to Content Anywhere, go to the Music tab in the Content Anywhere Dashboard. Click Find Music. If you have iTunes installed on your computer and you’re logged into your account, Content Anywhere will present all of the music in your iTunes library. Select which songs to upload to Content Anywhere.

    Note: If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer, the Music tab may not be visible to you.
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