Fiber TV

Fiber TV Channel, Installation, and User Guides

Here's where you can find downloadable channel lineups and equipment guides for your Fiber TV package.  Channel availability is based on market. Not all channels are available in all markets. Use your on-screen Interactive Media Guide (IMG) to search for programming by day and time, [...]

Automated Troubleshooting

Use the automated troubleshooting tool if you're having trouble with your fiber or DSL internet connection, TV signal, or phone service. This tool has no effect on your billing, your channel lineups, or your recorded programs. It's quick, safe, and effective. How it works: The tool checks to [...]

My Set-Top Box

Your Fiber TV equipment includes (1) a DVR Set-Top Box (Digital Video Recorder) or a Non-DVR Set-Top Box, and (2) a remote control. Problems? See our TV Support Wizards. Need to Activate your Fiber TV Set-Top Box? Problems? See our TV Support Wizards. Need to Activate your Fiber TV Set-Top [...]

My Fiber TV Remote Control

Your remote control gives you the power to do everything from change channels to set all kinds of preferences. Check below to get the most out of your Fiber TV experience.  Download the user guide Program your remote Set up a favorites list and change the language Turn on [...]

Troubleshooting Fiber TV

Having a Fiber TV issue? Go straight to our Automated Troubleshooting tool and log in with your Ziply ID if prompted. You can easily resolve many common issues, such as missing channels or pixelation. If automated troubleshooting does not fix the issue, here are some tips for solving other [...]

Accessible Fiber TV

Your Fiber TV service offers accessibility solutions for customers with disabilities. Here are the instructions for turning on Audible Navigation, Descriptive Video Service, and Closed Captioning using your Fiber remote control. Enable Audible Navigation [...]

Order a New Fiber TV Remote Control

To order a replacement or an additional remote for Fiber TV, contact Customer Service. A Technical Support Agent will determine whether your remote needs to be replaced. There is no charge if the agent determines you're eligible for a free replacement. Requests for additional remotes [...]

Activate My Fiber TV Set-Top Box

Activating your Set-Top Box (STB) is easy. The steps are the same in all of the following scenarios: Upgrading to a new Ziply Fiber service Adding a new STB to another TV Installing it yourself Having a Ziply Fiber technician install it for you Here's how to activate your Fiber [...]