Local Services

This is a starting point for service providers to understand Northwest Fiber's practices and processes for ordering local services.

Wholesale Fiber Internet

Effective 4/15/2023, Ziply Fiber has discontinued and grandfathered all Wholesale Advantage Broadband Service. Ziply Fiber's Wholesale Fiber Internet (WFI) service replaces WABB for your broadband needs. Please contact your Account Manager or email [email protected] with questions.


Wholesale Broadband Order Samples


DB/D - Wholesale Broadband Full Account Disconnect

EB/D - Wholesale Broadband Full Account Disconnect

Full and Partial Disconnects Wholesale Broadband

Voice/UNE Services

Ordering Services


Industry codes are required to do Wholesale business with Ziply Fiber.


Applying for CCNA/OCN Codes


Service areas include former Frontier Communications (Flag = F) and former Citizens Companies in OR, ID and MT (Flag = L). To identify the service area by exchange name, please refer to the Exchange and Access Line Matrix below.


Exchange and Access Line Matrix

Identifies Service Area Flag, Tariff, Access Line Codes and Voice Mail Access Numbers by Exchange


SPID-OCN Reference

Includes Company Information by Service Area

LSR Business Rules and Order Forms

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