Ordering and Repair

Find contacts and escalation lists for the Wholesale Ordering Centers and Wholesale Repair Centers.



Ziply Fiber Wholesale Ordering Service Center - ICSC Code FV03


The Wholesale Ordering Center is responsible for processing all Local Service Requests (LSRs) and Access Service Requests (ASRs), including the following:


  • Receiving and logging all orders
  • Processing service requests, service responses, and notifications
  • Providing a single point of contact for order processing, escalations, and questions



8 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific


2024 Holiday Schedule

ASR Contact and Escalation List
(Includes contacts for: ASR Ordering, Expedite and After Hours TSP, and Project Management)


ASR Hot Cut Pre-Test Contact List

LSR Contact and Escalation List

(Includes contacts for: LSR Ordering, LNP Concurrence, Hot Cut Activity, Local Support Helpdesk, and LSR Escalations)


WFI Ordering Contact and Escalation List

Trouble Administration & Repair

Ziply Fiber's Trouble Administration allows trouble tickets to be entered directly into Ziply Fiber's VFO application or sent electronically to Ziply Fiber's Gateway.


Trouble tickets and trouble ticket status requests for all products except Wholesale Fiber Internet (WFI) should be submitted using one of the following:



Contact Ziply Fiber’s CCSC at 888-488-0072 if you:

  • Are unable to submit a trouble ticket to Ziply Fiber using one of these methods
  • Need to schedule a Vendor Meet

If you are a Ziply Fiber Wholesale customer and would like to get connected with Ziply Fiber Trouble Administration, please email [email protected] for more information.

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