Ziply Fiber network cables

This 100% fiber network means business

Our fully owned and operated network is purpose-built for the Northwest.

Fully redundant, high-capacity routes with always-on reliability ensure you stay online, all the time

With hundreds of millions invested in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, we’re rapidly expanding and fortifying a fiber network built for the needs of the future.

Network investment & expansion


Our redundant, high-capacity fiber network comprises three or more paths into every major market in the Northwest, with a backbone that supports 100 Gig or higher.


Diversification around data centers reduces the possibility of outages, our Central Offices are fully configured with 2N systems, and all our internet circuits include DDoS Mitigation.


With this level of diversity and resiliency built by the leading network experts in the Northwest, our customers can rest assured that their business will remain online all the time, even during repairs and maintenance.



Ziply Fiber network and data center progression from 2020 to 2022

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Our new and expanded fiber network is better for wholesale providers

Built for business

Robust inter-city routes

Fiber core backbone capable of 20+ TBps on all inter-city fiber routes.

Overbuilt to major locations

Multiple 800-gigabit trunking to all major locations.


State of the art monitoring

Early detection network management

Automated remote monitoring ensures early detection of potential performance issues.

On-demand content availability

Direct peering and regional caching make content directly accessible on our backbone

Designed for speed

Core performance extended to the edge

Multiple core routes extend our core to the hub-site level.

Fully redundant

Core backbone is fully redundant to local aggregation networks.



Unparalleled scalability

In-region network ensures better performance

Local routing and direct peering result in critical network traffic staying in region.

100% Ziply Fiber

We own and maintain our own network, controlling all scheduled maintenance for peak performance at all times.

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