If you received a new or upgraded router, this video and the links below offer instructions and equipment guides for setting up your internet or Fiber TV services.

Set up your Fiber Internet Router

  1. After unpacking your installation kit, write down or take a picture of the WiFi Network Name and Password on the bottom of your new router. (You’ll need this later to connect your phones, computers and other devices to WiFi.)
  2. For best WiFi coverage, place the router in a central location in your home.
    If you’re also connecting TV equipment, connect your internet router first, placing it next to or nearby your primary TV and set-top box.
  3. Connect the ethernet cable to your router and power it on.
    Our quick setup guide (pdf) offers visual instructions for these Ziply routers:
    • Arris NVG468MQ
    • Arris MEB1100

For Fiber TV or DSL Internet by Ziply Fiber:

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