Remote Control Browsing Buttons

We've added a few handy buttons to your TV remote control to make browsing easier for you! Here's what they mean:

  • On Demand - Fiber TV remote On Demand displays a list of movies and other programs you can watch at any time.
  • Widgets - Fiber TV remote Widgets displays local weather, traffic and other useful information.
  • Favorites - Fiber TV remote Favorites displays your list of favorite channels.
  • DVR - Fiber TV remote DVR displays your list of recorded programs. (This button only works with DVR service.)
  • Previous - Fiber TV remote Prev jumps back 30 seconds in the program you're watching. (This button only works with DVR Service.)
  • Next - Fiber TV remote Next jumps forward 30 seconds in the program you're watching. (This button only works with DVR service.)
  • Record - Fiber TV remote REC records the current program. (This button only works with DVR service.)
  • Rocker button - Fiber TV remote This symbol is a rocker button. Press Pause - Fiber TV remote to pause the program. Press Remote Control Resume Button to resume play from where you left off.

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