Paperless billing is simple, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

Use your Ziply ID to manage your bills online instead of receiving them in the mail.

Watch this short video, or follow the instructions below, to see how easy it is to stop getting paper bills in the mail, or start receiving them again.


Follow these instructions to opt in or out of paperless billing.

  1. Log in to My Account and click the My Profile menu
  2. Click to expand My Accounts
  3. Look for the words Bill Preference to see your current setting. It will reflect one of the following options:
    1. Receive Bill By Mail if you are not enrolled in Paperless Billing

      See your Bill Preference current setting
    2. Enrolled in Paperless billing if you're already enrolled.

      Click "Manage" to change your bill preference setting
  4. Click the word Manage next to Bill Preference
  5. To enroll in Paperless Billing, click the checkbox that says, "Yes, I want Paperless billing"

    Click "Manage" to change your bill preference setting
  6. To have your paper bill mailed to you, click the checkbox that says, "Please mail my bills to my billing address"

    Click the checkbox to switch back to getting a bill in the mail

Once you're enrolled in Paperless Billing, you'll receive a monthly email when your bill is ready. To view your bill, log in to your Ziply account and click Current Bill in the My Bills menu.

To download or print your bill, click Past Bills in the My Bills menu.

Still need help? Call 1.866.699.4759

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