Is there an outage in your area?

If your internet is completely down, service may be out in your area.  Before running diagnostics or rebooting your equipment, find out if Ziply Fiber is working on a known outage.

Enter the first ten digits of your Ziply Fiber account number and the zip code associated with your account. Then click Check.

To view your account number, log in to My Account



Outage reported?

If there's a known outage in your area rest assured we’re working on a solution. Most issues are resolved within 24 hours. You can use the Ziply Fiber app to subscribe to text-message updates.


No outage reported?

If there are no outages reported in your area, follow these simple steps to troubleshoot a variety of internet connection issues.

  • Restart your router: Unplug or power off your router, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on.
  • Check for device updates: Outdated apps and software can cause connection issues. Install any available updates for devices connecting to WiFi.
  • Check your internet cables: Verify that all cables are securely connected to your router and in good shape. Loose or damaged cables can disrupt your internet connection.
  • Reduce network congestion: Too many devices connected to your WiFi can strain bandwidth, especially with high data consumption for activities like streaming and online gaming. 
  • Move your router: Location can significantly impact your router’s signal strength. Try placing it in a central, open area away from obstructions like walls, large electronics, furniture or mirrors.
    Consider adding WiFi extenders to boost the reach of your router.

If you’re still experiencing connectivity issues after trying these steps, it's time  contact us.

Still need help? Call 1.866.947.5995

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