Here you'll find general information about Ziply Fiber bills. Log in to My Account or the Enterprise Portal to view or pay your Ziply Fiber bill online. See Pay Your Bill for payment options. For help resolving a billing issue, contact us.

Billing Date 

Your Billing Date is the first day of your billing cycle. A billing cycle usually starts on your connection date and lasts for the next 30 days. Ziply Fiber bills you one month in advance for your services.

New Charges Due Date

Your New Charges Due Date is the date your bill amount is due. Payments made before or on your New Charges Due Date will not accrue a late fee.

Previous Balance

The Previous Balance shows any unpaid charges carried over from previous months.

Payments Received Thru

Payments Received Thru shows the date and amount of your last payment.

Balance Forward

This shows your Previous Balance (unpaid charges) minus payments received. This is the amount still due from past bills.

New Charges

New Charges include all charges incurred for the current 30-day bill cycle.

Total Amount Due

Total Amount Due is the amount to pay—the sum of any Balance Forward and New Charges.

Monthly Service Charges

This shows the services being billed each month. 

Other Service Charges & Credits

This shows any additional or partial month charges. Partial month charges can happen when you start or change services. If you add a new service, you are billed from the day the new service is activated. Your next bill may include a full month of the new service, plus each day you had the new service before your billing cycle began. Any credits to your account will also show here.  

Long Distance Charges

If you have a Ziply Fiber unlimited phone plan, local and long-distance calling to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico are included. See Home Phone Unlimited for more information.

If you are charged for long distance calls with an unlimited phone plan, you may have made calls over another company's network. These charges apply to collect, credit card or third-party bill calls. For information about long-distance rates, see the Long Distance Price List document located on the FCC Tariffs & Price Lists page.

To add a Ziply Fiber phone plan to your fiber internet plan, or if you think you've been charged in error, contact us.

Taxes and Other Charges

  • Taxes and surcharges—These differ by state and services provided. Some are mandated by state, local and/or federal requirements (and may vary) while others may come from Ziply Fiber. Taxes are assessed on the full price of the service, not a discounted or promotional rate.
  • Expired Promotional Plan—With your Ziply Fiber Promotional Plan, certain costs will not go up during a promotional period. Look for the words Term or Thru followed by the end date of your promotional plan.
  • New Service(s)—If you add a new service, there may be initial charges reflected in your first bill, such as, installation or set-up charges.
  • Partial Month Charges—The initial days of service billed in addition to the first full month of service.
  • Pay per Use—Directory assistance calls, international calls and collect calls. Check the call detail section of your bill for these types of calls.
  • Third Party Charges—To dispute any third-party charges, call the number listed next to the charge.
  • Collect Call Charges—Collect calls are not billed by your long-distance company, but by other carriers. Carriers determine their own rates, and Ziply Fiber is acting as the billing agency for the carrier. To dispute a collect call charge on your bill, contact the carrier at the phone number provided on your bill.
  • Last Payment Not Showing on Bill—To see if your payment has been received, Log in to My Account or the Enterprise Portal. The most recent payment will show at the top of the list. If you receive a paper bill and do not see your last payment, it may have been received after your latest bill was processed. This may result in a late payment fee.
  • Early Termination Fee (Small Business only). A fee is charged when services are cancelled before the end date. If you are getting close to the end of your promotional rate, give us a call and ask what options are available to you.


Still need help? Call 1.866.699.4759

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