50 Gig – yep, you heard right

Ziply Fiber is now offering the fastest internet in America: a 50 Gig symmetrical fiber plan for installation in single-family homes across the company’s entire fiber-enabled footprint throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. And to be clear, this isn’t a “future” deployment or a “I hope my city makes the upgrade list” kind of thing. This is available today.

We’re able to achieve this industry-leading speed through the remarkable flexibility of fiber technology. We call it “future-proof” due to its ability to expand and adapt to the growing internet needs of consumers. Of course, leading through innovation is nothing new for us.

One of the first ISPs in the country to deliver 5 Gig service at scale in 2022, this year, Ziply Fiber became the fastest ISP in the Northwest with the introduction of symmetrical 10 Gig fiber service. As with all its speed tiers, 50 Gig is built on our 100% fiber, multi-hundred Gig network. As always, we keep a close eye on how much traffic is routed through parts of our network and never let things get above 40% capacity, which ensures that there are no peak time slowdowns, lag or buffering that can occur on other providers’ networks.

While some people might indeed need 50 Gig speed today, we certainly realize that 50 Gig isn’t for the casual user. In fact, this new speed tier— the fastest in America — exceeds what is possible on nearly every publicly available speed test server. But 50 Gig is also a nod toward and a commitment to the future. A technological investment such as this will help serve both urban and rural communities throughout the Northwest for generations to come.

To learn more about the technical requirements for 50 Gig, please visit ziplyfiber.com/internet/multigig.