Call Forward (All Calls)

If you're going to be away from your phone for a while, you can choose Call Forward (All Calls) to send all of your calls to the number of your choice.

  • When you hear a dial tone, dial  7 2. When you hear a second dial tone, dial the number you want your calls forwarded to.
  • Call Forwarding is activated when someone answers the number you dialed.
  • If you receive a busy signal or no answer, hang up and repeat the first step within two minutes.
  • You will get a confirmation tone indicating that this option is activated.
  • Dial  7 3.


  • Dial the number exactly as if you are calling directly. For a local number, dial the 7 or 10-digit phone number. For a long distance number, dial 1 plus the area code.
  • If you forward your calls to a long distance number, you will be charged the appropriate long distance rate. Business customers are charged a message rate for each call forwarded. Call Forward (All Calls) overrides all other Call Forwarding Options.
  • While Call Forward is on, each time a call is forwarded, your phone will make one short ring. You cannot answer incoming calls, but you can still make outgoing calls.
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