Use this page if your computer is directly wired to your router but still unable to access the internet. 

Verify connectivity of other devices 

If other devices are connected to your WiFi, there might be an issue with the ethernet port connecting your computer. Try switching the ethernet cable to one of the other available ports on the back of your router. 

Check cables and cords 

  • Power cord: Make sure the router’s power cord is securely connected at both ends, and plugged directly into a working electrical wall outlet, not a power strip. 
  • Ethernet cable: Verify that the ethernet cable is securely connected between the computer and router. 
  • ONT cable: Confirm that the connection is secure between your router and the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which may be mounted on a wall in your garage, a closet, or outside. 

Reboot your router 

If you’ve tried a different ethernet port and confirmed that all the connections are secure, try rebooting the router. Simply power it off for about 30 seconds. After powering it back on give your router a few minutes to fully come back online. 

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