Wholesale and Enterprise Contact Information

Enterprise Business

Wholesale Carrier Business

Our Enterprise Business team provides assistance to enterprise business, education, federal and state/local accounts for billing, ordering, repair, or general questions.

New Service Orders
Enterprise Customers

Billing, Existing Orders, and General Questions
Enterprise, State, and Local Government Customers

All Federal Government

Repair Contact Information
POTS Repair / DSL Repair / Fiber Repair

Circuit Repair / CPE Repair & Support

E911 / PSAP Repair
Our Wholesale Carrier team provides assistance to IXCs, CLECs, resellers, wireless services, billing and collections clearinghouses.

ASR Ordering Support-Chronic and Status
[email protected]

ASR & Local Service Repairs
1.888.488.0072, Option 5

LSR Ordering & Support
[email protected]

Local Broadband Ordering & Support
[email protected]
1.888.488.0068, Option 1

Wholesale Broadband & Bulk DSL Repair
[email protected]

InfoSpeed & BTAS Repair
[email protected]

Hot Cut Pretest

CABS Billing Inquiries
[email protected]

Still need help? Call 1.866.947.5988

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