Fiber Optic WiFi for Apartment Complexes & MDU | Ziply Fiber
Give your residents what they want – fast and reliable fiber internet

Now more than ever people need reliably fast internet. Super-charge your building with our super-fast fiber optic internet, so your residents can work, learn, relax, and play with Gig speeds and no data caps. All supported by a local team dedicated to providing a refreshingly great customer experience.

Multi-family residential building under construction

Stay ahead of the curve

Use fiber optics to future proof your building.

  • Build a smart property for the future.
  • Attract residents and stand out from the dated copper-wired buildings.
  • Extend internet connectivity into common areas.
  • Offer fiber internet with symmetrical uploads and downloads.

Only fiber delivers equally fast uploads and downloads

Fiber is as fast up as it is down, making it the best option for many internet users, like gamers, streamers, and those working from home or taking classes online. Unlike cable providers, we are not repurposing old television technology to provide internet service, so there’s no need for us to impose data caps or throttling that slow you down.

Experience less lag and packet loss


Streaming movies never stutter, stop or pixilate


Upload and download files with ease


Participate in class and never have a video cut out

Meet the demands of your building and residents

With Ziply Fiber, you’ll get:

  • Hassle-free building wiring and installation, with easy and convenient set up for your residents
  • Experienced, friendly local support teams providing on-demand help to you and your residents
  • Discounted rates for buildings who choose a bulk contract
  • Marketing materials and fun socially-distanced events for your residents 
happy building residents
Couple smiling in room full of moving boxes

Enhance your residents’ internet experience

  • Make the move to your property seamless by easily connecting your residents to Ziply Fiber internet.
  • Pre-install Ziply Fiber WiFi routers, so residents can sign-up and get connected instantly without an installation appointment.
  • Keep the Ziply Fiber equipment in your units. There is no need to return it when a resident moves out.
  • Partner with your dedicated Ziply Fiber Account Manager for advertising, digital assets and onsite assistance.

How we connect your building with Ziply Fiber


A Ziply Fiber representative will evaluate your property to determine your technology plan.


Our sales experts will develop your design plan and the right solution for you and your property.


Once design is complete, we’ll provide you with a build out plan and schedule.


Our technicians will begin installation with minimal disruption to your residents.

Are you ready for fiber?

Let’s get started. Please complete the below form with your building information and a Ziply Expert will contact you.