In the rapidly evolving landscape of multi-family housing, one amenity has risen to the top of the list of must-haves for both property managers and residents alike: high-speed internet. Gone are the days when a subpar internet connection was something you could tolerate. In today's hyper-connected world, a reliable, high-speed internet connection is not just desirable; it's essential. According to recent surveys, internet connectivity ranks as the top amenity people look for when choosing apartments or condos, with a whopping 90% of renters considering it a critical factor in their decision-making process.

So, why is fiber internet the undeniable choice for multi-family communities? Let's dive deeper into how fiber internet transforms the living experience in apartments and condos.


Fiber internet boosts property values

Fiber internet isn't just about enhancing your online experience; it can significantly boost your home's overall value. In today's digital age, high-speed internet has become a top priority for homebuyers. Consider this scenario: Two nearly identical condos are up for sale in the same building. The only significant difference between them is that one has fiber internet, while the other relies on traditional broadband. The condo with fiber internet is not only more appealing to potential buyers but also commands a higher market value.

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For instance, a study conducted by the Fiber Broadband Association found that homes equipped with fiber internet could sell for up to 3.1% more than those without it. This means that investing in fiber internet for your multi-family property isn't just about enhancing your online world — it's also about boosting your property's value in the real world.


Fiber internet offers better speed and reliability

One of the most significant advantages of fiber internet, exemplified by providers like Ziply Fiber, is its unmatched speed and reliability. Fiber-optic connections are renowned for their fast, equal, download and upload speeds and dedicated connections, making them ideal for multi-family communities where numerous residents simultaneously access the internet for work, entertainment, and communication.

With cable, you might experience slowdowns during peak usage times, causing frustration and productivity dips. In contrast, fiber internet accommodates the needs of multiple residents without performance issues. For example, Ziply Fiber's direct fiber-optic connection can provide gigabit-speed internet, ensuring that everyone in your multi-family community can stream 4K content, engage in video conferencing, and play online games simultaneously without a hitch.

Furthermore, the reliability of fiber is unmatched. It's resistant to interference and signal degradation, guaranteeing a consistently dependable internet experience for multi-family dwellers. You won't have to worry about weather-related outages or slow connections during peak hours, ensuring a smooth online experience for everyone.


Fiber internet can bridge the digital divide

While the benefits of fiber internet for the average multi-family resident are apparent, providers like Ziply Fiber are taking it a step further by addressing the digital divide in low-income communities. Lower-income households often face disparities in internet access. The Office of Policy Development and Research, part of the US government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, found that lower-income households had significantly less internet connectivity than higher-income households, with 80% of those without internet access citing the cost as the primary barrier.

Ziply Fiber is committed to making high-quality internet accessible to all, regardless of the housing situation. They work with both affordable and conventional housing communities, striving to bridge the connectivity gap. They partner with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which offers high-speed internet for discounted rates or even for free to eligible residents. By doing so, Ziply Fiber ensures that even those with limited financial means can enjoy the benefits of reliable, high-speed internet, leveling the playing field and enhancing opportunities for education, healthcare, work and social connection.

Fiber internet is a game-changer for multi-family communities, enhancing the value of homes, providing unmatched speed and reliability, and bridging the connectivity gap for those in need. As the demand for high-quality internet continues to rise, fiber-optic connections, like the services Ziply Fiber provides, are poised to transform multi-family living into a seamless and connected experience, meeting the ever-growing expectations of modern residents. So, whether you're a property manager looking to attract discerning renters or a resident seeking the best possible living experience, fiber internet is the answer that connects us all to a brighter digital future.