Home Phone Unlimited is an advanced voice service that works on Ziply Fiber's fiber-optic network. It uses your home phones connected to your existing phone jacks.

Remember: to dial the entire 10-digit telephone number every time you make a call inside the U.S.

Important 911 Information

During a power outage, a Battery Back-up Unit with a fully-charge battery inserted will power your basic Home Phone Unlimited services for up to eight hours. That includes 911 dialing. If the battery is drained or missing, your voice service will not work. In your welcome kit you'll find stickers with this information. We recommend you apply the stickers to your phones so all users are aware of this possible limitation.

Your service is compatible with many monitored home alarms and medical monitoring systems. Please check with your alarm or monitoring system provider to ensure compatibility. If the system is not compatible with Home Phone Unlimited, consider adding a traditional telephone line to support the system.

Note: It is your responsibility to maintain a battery back-up unit. Ziply Fiber offers battery back-up options for your use.

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