Apps | Ziply Fiber

Manage your account

myZiply App

It’s full of easy-to-use tools that put you in control. Pay bills, check statements, update account settings and check the status of your service. You can even use myZiply to reset your modem or TV set-top box.

Maintain Security

Ziply Password Manager

Safely store every username, password and credit card number in Password Manager. It’s a secure location that uses a single, strong, unique password for protection. It also tracks password strength so you can update any that are weak or have been compromised.

Ziply Device Safety

Keep your devices safe from phishing, malware and other online threats with Device Safety. It keeps your personal info safe while you bank or shop online. If your device is lost, it locks your device or erases all the data. Parental Controls help you keep your kids safe when they’re online.

Remain Connected

Ziply Communicator

Make and receive calls, share files, and chat on your computer, tablet, or mobile device with the Ziply Communicator app.

  • Stay connected from anywhere
  • Collaborate with your team through video, voice, and chat
  • Seamlessly make, transfer and manage calls remotely

Voicemail Viewer

Don't let missed calls become missed opportunities. Access and manage your voicemail from anywhere by phone or online.

  • Review and return missed calls or messages
  • Manage your call availability options
  • Create and access contact information on the go