Voicemail Local Access
Star Codes Disclaimer

Star codes are customized by your service provider. Refer to your user guide for the list of star codes available on your service.

Voicemail can be a big part of how we communicate, and it's getting more customizable every day. Here’s a few quick instructions on how to access your voicemail from a phone and how to personalize your voicemail greeting.

Access a Voicemail Box

Your voicemail box can be accessed in the Voice Portal, remotely, or by dialing a star code from a phone connected to the account.

Direct Access

1. From a line assigned to your voicemail box, dial the Voicemail Management star code.

2. Enter your voicemail PIN and press #.

Remote Access

1. From a line not assigned to your voicemail box, dial your 10-digit phone number.

2. When the voicemail greeting plays, press #.

3. Enter your voicemail PIN and press #.

Listen to Messages

Once logged in, press 1 to listen to your messages. Use the following to navigate the menu:

  • Press 1: Skip message and mark the message as "unread"
  • Press 2: Save message and mark the message as "read"
  • Press 3: Erase message
  • Press 9: Repeat message
  • Press 0: Exit menu

Voicemail PIN

The default PIN is 1234. The first time you access your voicemail box, you will be prompted to set a new PIN which must be 4-digits or longer.

Voicemail Transcript

Sometimes reading a voicemail message is easier than listening to it. Voicemail transcription, available only on Ziply Fiber Hosted Voice, takes the audio from the voicemail message and converts it to text, which is then forwarded to one or more email addresses with or without the message attached as an MP3 file (depending on if you also have forwarding enabled).

With voicemail transcription, you can:

  • Get important messages when you can’t take a call
  • Browse your voicemails in email, rather than listening and re-listening
  • Keep searchable records of business voicemails
  • Easily forward messages you’ve received

Message Settings

The voicemail transcription setting can be enabled in the Voice Portal for each voicemail box.


  1. In the Voice Portal, go to the Voicemail section.
  2. Under Message Settings, check the box for Enable Transcription.
  3. Optionally, check the box for Forward Voicemail to Email to email an MP3 of the message and keep a copy in voicemail box if you want to save a copy of the message in the voicemail box when it's forwarded.
  4. In the field below, enter one or more email addresses in the field below separated by commas (required).
  5. Click [Save].


Voicemails can only be transcribed from US English. If a message cannot be transcribed for any reason, such as poor audio quality, an email will still be sent with a message saying, "Message could not be transcribed."

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