Call Pickup
Directed Call Pickup and Pick Up Groups have similar functionalities. Directed Call Pickup allows a user to answer a call ringing at a specific extension, while Pick Up Groups allow a user to answer a call ringing to anyone in the group.

Star Codes Disclaimer

Star codes are customized by your service provider. However, to use a single line key on your IP phone to both park and retrieve the call, the Directed Call Pickup star code MUST be set to **.

Directed Call Pickup

Use Directed Call Pick Up to answer a call ringing at a specific extension. It's great when you need to answer a call for someone in your office.

Star Code Instructions
Directed Call Pickup Answer a call ringing at a specific extension.
1. When you hear the call ringing, pick up your phone and dial ** + the extension the call is ringing to.
  • For example: **4848
Pick Up

Group A Pick Up Group allows incoming calls to be answered by another member of the group. To create a Pick Up Group, please contact Customer Support.

To answer a Pickup Group call on an IP phone with the single press of a button, set a speed dial preset to the Pick Up Group star code. You can also dial the Pick Up Group's star code.

Star Code Instructions
Pick Up Group Answer a ringing extension for another user in the same group.
1. When you hear a call ringing on another group member’s phone, pick up your phone and dial the group's star code.
  • If multiple calls are ringing, the call that has been ringing the longest will be answered.
  • If you belong to multiple groups, the longest ringing call in any of your groups will be answered.
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