Ziply™ Fiber building gig-speed fiber in five additional markets in 2021; brings total to 41 new fiber builds this year

Fiber expansion part of $500 million investment to build fiber infrastructure across the Northwest

Kirkland, Wash. (October 14, 2021) – Today, Ziply™ Fiber announced plans to expand its ultra-high-speed, 100 percent fiber-optic network to an additional five markets in Washington and Idaho this calendar year. This latest expansion, which includes both suburban and rural cities, is in addition to the 36 new market builds announced earlier this year, bringing Ziply’s total new fiber markets to 41 across the Northwest in 2021 and 57 since it began its aggressive fiber expansion efforts 18 months ago.

This expansion is part of the company’s multi-year $500 million investment in its network and improved service in both urban and rural settings throughout its four-state region. Once construction is complete, these five new markets will be ready for service in late 2021 and early 2022.

The expansion will take place in four cities in Washington and one city in Idaho, supporting thousands of homes, apartments, and businesses:

  • Washington — Burlington, Gold Bar, Sultan, Woodland
  • Idaho — Pinehurst


“These communities have never experienced anything like fiber before,” said Harold Zeitz, CEO of Ziply Fiber. “This expansion will greatly improve the business and at-home capabilities for those who work and live here. From online learning and telemedicine, to running a business and working from home, Ziply Fiber is working to provide fast, reliable service to communities where fiber and broadband infrastructure is needed most.”

With no data caps and no annual contracts for residential users, Ziply Fiber’s announcement comes at a time when more and more families and businesses are looking for high-capacity internet to support the online needs of daily life in today’s world.

“This is an exciting announcement from Ziply Fiber,” said Russell Wiita, Mayor of the City of Sultan. “With additional access to high-speed fiber, Sultan residents and businesses will have more options for critical internet service. Our lives have become more and more dependent on reliable internet service and Ziply’s expansion to Sultan will provide just that.”

As part of its work, construction crews will continue building fiber service in stages through several areas of each city. While the work will take several weeks and months to fully complete, the company expects to connect its first sets of customers in each city by the end of 2021 or in early 2022. .

As the company continues its rollout of fiber-based services across the region over the next several months and years, its Ziply Internet (DSL) customers also will begin seeing service improvements. Part of Ziply Fiber’s investment is going to work that’s well underway to improve its core and aggregation network, across which all Ziply internet traffic travels. While there’s still more work to be done, by improving the quality, capacity and reliability of those critical network components, customers of all types of services will benefit.

Ziply Fiber’s primary service offerings are Fiber Internet and phone for residential customers; Business Fiber Internet and Ziply Voice services for small businesses; and a variety of Internet, networking and voice solutions for enterprise customers. The company will continue to support Ziply Internet (DSL) customers, and its TV customers in Washington and Oregon. A full listing of products and services can be found at

Ziply Fiber is local in the Northwest, headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, and has major offices in Everett, Washington; Beaverton, Oregon; and Hayden, Idaho. Most of Ziply Fiber’s executive team, which consists of former executives from AT&T, CenturyLink and Wave Broadband, either grew up in the Northwest or have spent the better part of 30 years living here. That local ownership and market familiarity is an important part of the company mindset and culture.

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