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Ziply Fiber believes in an open internet

An internet to use on your terms, without interference. Ziply does not block content, throttle, cap your data usage or engage in any paid prioritization of content. An open internet, just the way you want it.

We believe

All consumers deserve unrestricted access to great internet, with access to whatever lawful content they choose, and open access from the connection at their home or business all the way to and throughout the broader internet.

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No throttling

Ziply delivers all Internet traffic at the speed purchased and without intentionally being slowed down while protecting you from network abuse and violations.

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Privacy protections

Ziply believes everyone’s personal privacy should be protected so we do not track anyone’s browser history or sell your information like many other social, video and ecommerce platforms.

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No pay for play

Ziply ensures all content is treated equally and that no content receives pay-for-play prioritization or special treatment so you have access to what you want.

Network Investments

We formed Ziply Fiber with a clear mission to create the most advanced and fastest fiber network, that’s purpose-built for internet, data, and networking. We have committed to investing hundreds of millions in network improvements across our four-state territory, with a belief that everyone deserves fast and reliable Internet, whether you live in an urban city or rural town. We’ve built fiber to more than 100 new markets since May 2020.

Learn More

For more information regarding Ziply’s network management and user policies, view the links below.



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