Couple cuddling on a couch with a TV remote, streaming their favorite series over fast fiber internet

Streaming TV is better TV

With better prices, more content choice and the flexibility to watch anywhere — now is the time to switch to streaming TV.



Person pointing remote at a smart TV streaming classic movie content

It's time to make the switch

Streaming services offer more viewing options and easy-to-use channel guides. And you can watch what you want, when you want, on any device.


Why switch to streaming?

  • Enjoy national and regional sports
  • Discover binge-worthy movies and TV shows
  • Watch PBS and all your network favorites

Streaming TV FAQs

Programming costs from channel owners continue to increase, which are then passed on to you in the cost of your Fiber TV package. We know these increases can be frustrating, and we don’t like having to pass them on to you each time channel owners increase fees. We believe there’s a better way with streaming TV. With the speed and reliability of fiber internet, you can stream the TV content you want and ditch the channels you don’t need.

With streaming you can get entertainment directly from your favorite channels instead of signing up through a cable middleman or provider of packages like Fiber TV.


Our easy-to-use MyBundle tool can help you find the combination that best matches your entertainment needs and preferences. Then sign up directly with the providers of your choice.


You can also purchase standalone subscriptions to premium channels like Max or SHOWTIME, with no contracts or commitments.


If you don’t have a smart TV with pre-loaded streaming apps, you can purchase a streaming device to access the same kinds of apps and providers.

Fiber internet is fast — very fast. Your Ziply Fiber internet plan is perfect to power your streaming TV. We recommend Fiber Gig, which is our most popular internet plan, or higher for the best performance. However, our lower speed plans still provide a fantastic streaming TV experience.

We have partnered with streaming TV providers to give you exclusive access to special offers for being a Ziply Fiber customer. Answer a few questions in our easy-to-use MyBundle tool to find streaming services that fit your needs and available offers from our streaming partners.

Yes! Several streaming providers offer live TV, and a few also include local TV stations. Some popular options are Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and DIRECTV.

Streaming depends less on the age of your TV and has more to do with the types of connections the television has. If your TV has an available HDMI port, most streaming devices will work with it.

Many providers, like Netflix and Hulu, require a paid subscription for unlimited access to newer movies and tv shows.


Some ad-supported providers like Tubi TV and IMDB allow free on-demand streaming of movies and shows that include advertising.


There are also apps that provide on-demand movie rentals. Rather than a monthly subscription, you rent à la carte.


The best part about streaming is that you can pick and choose from all these streaming options to get exactly what you want, when you want it, without paying for bundled services you don’t need.

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