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Stuck in a contract? No problem. We’ll buy it out up to $200. Because you deserve super-fast fiber internet with no annual contract holding you back.

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Contract Buyout Qualification


For new residential and small business customers only, with the purchase of a fiber internet plan. Offer valid once during the life of your Ziply Fiber account. Request must be submitted within 90 days after the purchase of your Ziply Fiber service and include a copy of your internet provider's account statement showing the cancellation fee. Reimbursement up to $200 of the early termination fee will be provided only as a credit to the applicable Ziply Fiber account only. Taxes, fees and equipment charges do not apply. Only valid for previous internet provider's ETF after purchase of a qualifying Ziply Fiber internet plan. You can find more on this offer at

Contract Buyout FAQs

Residential customers who have purchased and installed a Fiber 50, 200, Gig, 2 Gig or 5 Gig internet plan, or Small Business customers who have purchased and installed a Fiber 100, 500, or Gig internet plan can participate in our Contract Buyout offer. Submit your online form at within 90 days of the purchase of Ziply Fiber service.

Early termination fees can be incurred after your final statement, depending on your provider. If you do not see these charges on your bill, please reach out to your previous provider for the statement that shows the early termination fee charged.

You can find the early termination fee (also seen as “ETF”) listed as a charge on your previous internet provider’s final bill. When completing your online form, please be sure to include the bill from your previous provider that clearly shows the early termination fee that you were charged.

No, we will not send the credit amount to your previous provider. The amount will be provided in the form of a credit on your Ziply Fiber internet account.

Your online form will be reviewed and approved by one of our Ziply Fiber team members. Once approved, you will see a credit applied to your account within 30 days or two billing cycles.

No, we will not direct deposit the credit amount. The amount will be provided in the form of a credit on your Ziply Fiber internet account.

Ziply Fiber will cover up to, but not exceeding, $200 of your early termination fee.

No. Wireless providers and/or subscription TV services are not eligible for Ziply Fiber’s Contract Buyout offer. The Contract Buyout offer applies to customers leaving a previous internet provider for qualifying Ziply Fiber internet service.

Customers are only able to take advantage of the Contract Buyout offer one time during the life of their Ziply Fiber account. We do appreciate you choosing Ziply Fiber!

Ziply Fiber’s Contract Buyout offer only applies to the early termination fee. All additional charges you owe your previous provider, such as taxes, fees, equipment or other, will not be reimbursed.

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