Advance Your Business

Whether you are a network provider extending your network into Ziply Fiber's territories, or a service provider interested in reselling our telecommunication services, we can craft a solution for you. Put our extensive networking experience and local knowledge to work for your business so you can reach more customers and expand your offerings. Together, we can help you grow your business.

Local Service Providers

If you’re selling communication services in local markets, our portfolio of capabilities can help your business grow. Select from a range of voice and data options delivered over a variety of transport facilities.
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Internet Service Providers

Your customers look for speed and reliability when they buy Internet access. With Ziply Fiber Wholesale, you get direct connections to the Internet that deliver a level of performance that will set you apart from your competition. Our Ethernet and fiber access options can provide speeds up to 1Gbps, so you can meet the growing bandwidth needs of your customers.
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International Carriers

Interconnect with Ziply Fiber to get the quality and reliability of a direct connection to the PSTN for all your call termination traffic. Talk to us about connecting into our reliable fiber network for all of your data needs in the U.S.
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Long Distance Providers

Our long haul services can deliver your traffic across the country with the speed and efficiency you require to meet your service guarantees. Our deep local networking facilities can connect you to all of your customer locations across our territories, allowing you to capture more business.
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Wireless Providers

With the exploding demand for data services and applications driving industry growth, it’s more important than ever to have the backhaul bandwidth necessary to move your traffic anywhere it has to go. Ziply Fiber can help you stand out in a highly competitive marketplace by delivering the end-user experience your customers demand.
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Cable Companies

Reach more customers by leveraging Ziply Fiber's network as a cost-efficient alternative to building your own facilities. Our Ethernet interconnections enable you to easily connect throughout the Ziply Fiber territories, allowing you to reach even more subscribers. Count on our reliable infrastructure for building diverse routing to increase network redundancy.
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Ziply Fiber Wholesale provides dedicated sales teams with regional and national support, creating a service model that is built around you. Learn More


Broad Solutions Portfolio

Our portfolio of Ethernet, Broadband, Local Services, Special Access, and Data and Collocation capabilities are the core of our offers. From networking options, to high-speed Internet access and crystal clear voice services, you can rely on the experts at Ziply Fiber Wholesale to help you determine the best solution for your specific business needs.


    Our carrier Ethernet services include MEF compatible networking options and a wide range of Internet access bandwidth speeds, giving you the flexibility and capabilities you need to get the solution that works best for your business. Ziply Fiber Ethernet also allows you to easily and efficiently extend your network throughout our 29-state footprint via a single interconnection across LATAs, saving you time and providing you with access to more customers. Learn More


    Ziply Fiber provides a range of connectivity from DSL to fiber, so you can offer the right options to your customers. Our Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) service provides your customers with access to the public Internet over a fiber connection. This service has high levels of performance and reliability, providing an excellent end-user experience for your customers. Learn More


    Our Wholesale Advantage Service offers dependable and reliable voice and data solutions for every customer application. Ziply Fiber offers a wide range of options over a variety of transport facilities, including Fiber, FTTH, FiOS and Copper. Learn More


    Our VG, DS0, DS1s and DS3s provide private, dedicated circuits for your voice and data traffic. Ziply Fiber can work with you to design the highly secure, resilient networking solution you need with our SONET and Optical Transport Services. Learn More


    From standard PRI data circuits to ATM and Frame Relay networking, our traditional data services provide reliable connectivity for your networking needs. Our collocation service allows you to take advantage of locating equipment off-premises to expand your footprint or build a business continuity solution. Learn More