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In over 210 regional cities and towns (and counting).

We’re bringing a world-class internet experience to over 1.7 million homes and businesses, including communities that have been underserved for decades. Every business deserves a better internet.​


How Ziply Fiber is different

Reliably Fast

Our fiber network is being built to never exceed 40% of capacity at peak hours, unlike other companies who run their network at 80%+ capacity with no room to support a failure without a slow down.

Consistently On

We are engineering our core and aggregation networks to be fully redundant, with a dual infrastructure that maintains customer connections even when an issue arises on the network.

Confidently Ready

Your network is only as good as the investment your provider puts into it. And at Ziply Fiber, we’re investing over $500 million of working capital in the communities we serve.

Honestly Local

Unlike Frontier, which is headquartered in Norwalk, CT. We are local and headquartered in Kirkland, WA, with offices across the region. Serving your business is our priority.


Why choose fiber for your business

Unlike cable providers who are repurposing old television technology to provide internet service, Ziply Fiber is purpose-building the entire network to deliver the fastest, most reliable internet straight to your business. 

We are designing our network to never surpass 40% capacity. So, unlike cable, we have no need to impose data caps or throttle speed to reduce congestion on an aging network.

Fiber is as fast up as it is down making it the best option for an office full of heavy internet users, who video conference and use cloud solutions everyday.

Our business is keeping yours connected

We have several construction projects underway to build secure, scalable, super-fast fiber to businesses across WA, OR, ID and MT.

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